A Watermelon Cocktail Recipe to refresh and impress September 2, 2016

by HelloFresh Our Recipes
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    Ah, another weekend arrives and brings with it the bounty a well deserved break requires.

    I tend to categorise my healthy drinking habit into two categories, generally speaking (who doesn’t, right?). There’s workaday drinking, pints at the pub and reasonably priced wine, or a gin and tonic. Then, there’s the proper stuff: the kind of well balanced drinks that are always a delight to enjoy, that taste better than any dessert you care to mention, and at the first sip transforms you into a 1930s era heiress with nothing better to do than sip cocktails while looking elegant and race sports cars in a chic headscarf and sunglasses.

    This watermelon julep recipe is one of the latter. We’re not going to lie, there’s a little prep involved. But bang that stuff out earlier in the day and you’ll be ready to pour like a pro when 5 o’clock rolls around. Plus, you get to tell people “Yes, I whipped up this mint infused simple syrup earlier because you really can’t do without the stuff. Oh, you haven’t heard of simple syrup before? It’s simple darling!” in a Gatsby inspired accent that suggests you definitely holiday in the Hamptons and also know where the Hamptons are.

    Happy Drinking <3 !

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