Learn how to make kefir water with us, and a little fairytale September 11, 2017

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make kefir water

As soon as we tasted the sparkling concoctions, laid out like coloured fairy lights before us, we knew we had to share how to make kefir water with you all!

As with the best homemade stuff, kefir water is as good for you as it is good looking. The process or preparing kefir water requires the grains to consume sugar and ferment, creating probiotics. For vegans or those who can’t have dairy products, it’s a great alternative source healthy bacteria and yeast to yoghurt. It’s good for gut health, and a very low sugar beverage that makes it preferable to a whole lot of nasty fizzy drinks and high-sugar juices.

Then, of course, there’s the fun and alchemy of creating something from very little. We prepare the sugary water for our kefir grains to be plunged into with a little trepidation. Kefir water makers before us have passed down their wisdom; there must be half an organic dried fig and a slice of lemon. We exchange looks as the mystical ingredients are dropped in – it seems that an eye of newt or toe of frog would not be amiss. As satisfied as we can be with our mysterious liquid, we drape the tea towel shroud over the bowl and hope for the best. After 48 hours, our potion seems to have woven it’s magic! A taste reveals a very delicate, vaguely sour water (in the best possible way).

For the second ferment, we added no sugar save for the fruit we added to our jars. The resultant liquid is gaily coloured, with the faintest whisper of sweetness. Jordy, our recipe developer,  tastes the mandarin, a shimmering palest yellow when decanted into its glass. “It’s…so mandarinny!” she exclaims. We all try a sip. It is mandarinny. Not sweet, but the essence of the flavour, the core of every sip is infused with citrus. It’s like seeing mandarin without it’s makeup on – less adorned and infinitely beautiful.

The deep jewel beetroot tastes earthy and wholesome, utterly refreshing. Our strawberries have undergone a dramatic transformations, rendering their brew a bright tangerine orange. The raspberries look more like the pink we’d predicted for the strawberries, and both flavours are crowd favourites. Finally, green apple and spirulina is the dark horse of our gathering. It’s forest green hues is perhaps the strangest looking of the waters, none the less it tastes refreshing we all agree a good gulp of it is enough to calm anyone down when a frantic case of  3.30-itis strikes.

make kefir water

L-R: Beetroot, Raspberry, Strawberry, Mandarin & Green Apple and Spirulina kefir waters

Kefir Water Recipe


30g water kefir grains
1/3 cup raw sugar
1 litre filtered water, tepid
1/2 organic dried fig
1 slice lemon
1 pinch maldon salt
Slices of your favourite seasonal fruit


    First Ferment
  1. In a large bowl or jar, dissolve the sugar and salt in water. Add your water kefir grains, fig and lemon.
  2. Cover either with a lid or with a cloth and leave on a counter top (or similar area with a temperature of about 20°C - 24°C) for 24 hours. Tightly sealing your container or gently covering it with both work to produce kefir water, but if sealing your container tightly, be sure to check it regularly, loosening the jar lid to release any excess pressure while the liquid ferments. Warmer temperatures will encourage a faster ferment, so bear this in mind.
  3. After 24 hours, taste your kefir water. If you prefer a more sour taste, leave the kefir to develop for another 24 hours. If you're happy with the taste, strain the mixture into as many clean, sealable jars as you would like different flavours.
  4. You can restart the process with the strained kefir grains right away be preparing another solution of sugar water. To store but not restart the process, simply place the solution in an airtight jar or bottle and place in the fridge.
    2nd Ferment
  1. When you have strained the kefir water into clean containers, we can get to flavouring and carbonating! Place a few slices or pieces of your favourite fruits or juicing vegetables and herbs or ginger etc. into each container.
  2. Seal tightly and leave on the counter for another 12 - 24 hours. After this time the mixture will be fizzy and sparkling and infused with flavour.
  3. Place in the fridge to slow the fermentation process and enjoy a glass daily, chilled.

make kefir water

Our friends at Nourishme Organics have an amazing complete kit with water grains and detailed instructions if you fancy starting your own live culture beverage cycle. We can’t wait to see your concoctions!

Use the code hellofresh to get 10% off their Kefir Water Grain Kit!

make kefir water


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eleese wyborn says:

hi thank you for this article – it worked meaning i read it and purchased said grains and am now waiting for their arrival – just thought id let you know that the code you said to put it for a discount does not work .. 🙂

Greer says:

That’s great news Eleese! We’ve looked into this discount code, and it should be working now. Can’t wait to see your final product!

Krystal says:

You have salt in the method but it isnt in the ingredients. How much salt to use? Thanks

Greer says:

Hi Krystal,

A pinch will do the trick!

I am going to try the Kefir Water as I can not drink Alcohol

because it gives me gout would this affect me in any way

with my Gout

Greer says:

Hi Robert,

Kefir is a fermented food which helps with digestion – so if anything it should be beneficial in the treatment of gout! Make sure to check with your doctor if you’re still not sure 😉

Most of the people take advantage of the list to be certain they have the many necessary elements, such as food and clothes.

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