Happy International Bacon Day! Celebrate with our best bacon recipes

September 5, 2016
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    bacon sandwich

    Woohoo, it’s International Bacon Day! We hope you’re celebrating in style.

    Will bacon’s cultural dominance ever end? It doesn’t seem likely anytime soon. From the satirical hyper-masculinity of Epic Meal Time’s  heart stopping all bacon burger to the Bachie’s very own Bacon Girl, there’s something about bacon that appeals simultaneously to our pleasure centres, our sense of over-the-top fun, our desire for flavour and texture that tickles our tastebuds.

    Here are our 5 favourite bacon recipes to celebrate the big day. Which one will you enjoy first?

    1. The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich

    bacon sandwich  The secret to this delectable sandwich is that it’s so much more than just bacon. we’ve grilled it with honey for a perfect two part harmony of sweet and smoky flavours, added some melted sharp cheddar and finished this über snack with our favourite hot sauce, Sriracha. Of course, you could use any hot sauce of your choosing – tabasco would be delicious as well, and our friends in the UK like to use Econa West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce. This is the ultimate bacon sandwich after all, but for it to be yours, there should be some room for interpretation.


    2. Bacon & Mushroom Gnocchi

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    Soft, pillowy morsels of potato topped with crispy bacon, mushrooms and sharp Parmesan. Is your mouth watering yet?This recipe is a bowl of deliciousness that you’ll be desperate to hoe into. Frying off the gnocchi is the secret to this dish – you’re looking for a nice golden crust.

    3. Classic Chicken Caesar Salad with Crispy Bacon

    bacon recipes

    The favourite of favourites, the emperor of chicken, the salad for salad haters… if you haven’t attempted to make a classic Ceasar salad yet, now’s your chance! You’re not going to believe how simple it is to do the whole thing yourself, from crunchy croutons to crispy bacon and tender chicken topped with fresh Parmesan cheese. Once you’ve got this baby down, soggy supermarket salads will be a distant memory.

    4. Rustic Italian Soup with Parmesan Croutons

    bacon recipes

    Mamma mia, we’re excited about this rustic soup. It’s got all the good stuff: salty bacon, crispy Parmesan ciabatta, and rich tomato. Blending part of your soup gives it a more ‘creamy’ consistency without adding anything extra, and fresh baby spinach keeps this dinner from becoming too stodgy.

    5. Bacon, Fetta & Green Bean Frittata

    bacon recipes

    Ever wished you could eat breakfast at dinner time? We’ve made your dreams come true with this delicious bacon, fetta and green veg frittata. Fry off some bacon, add green beans and zucchini and cook lightly so they’re still a little crunchy, crumble fetta cheese, pour over the egg mixture and bake in the oven – yum! A fancy (but simple) night-time twist on that classic bacon and egg combo.

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