Time Saving Cooking Hacks

November 21, 2016
by HelloFresh Tips and Tricks

    When time seems to be stretched, ever thinner, over an enormous amount of stuff to do; that’s when you need these time saving cooking hacks. HelloFresh tested and approved!

    time saving cooking hacks

    Pre-pre Prep

    Cut up vegetables to be used for cooking on the weekend, then store in Tupperware containers in the fridge to be used when you’re ready. You can also get a jump on the chopping in the morning before work. The best part about this hack? You get to toss in pre-prepped ingredients like a pro with your own cooking show. Move over Nigella, we’ve got this.

    time saving cooking hacks

    Do the Can Can

    Opting for tinned legumes like chickpeas and lentils over the raw stuff saves hours of soaking, boiling and cooking, perfect for a weeknight solution. A quick strain and a rinse and they’re ready to be enjoyed as is in salads and dips, or to be turned into a delicious dhal.

    Did you know the liquid in tinned legumes is the key to vegan meringues? Read all about it here.

    time saving cooking hacks

    Settle, kettle

    Our recipe developers swear by this one. Boil the kettle instead of waiting for water to come to the boil on the stove. It’s saves so much time! If you’re boiling potatoes or another vegetable for several minutes, and another veg like green beans for just a minute or two, save the boiling water and use for both. It will save time and water.

    time saving cooking hacks

    Do as the pros do

    Read the recipe the whole way through so you don’t have any unexpected surprises come half way through cooking. Trust us, no chef jumps in half-baked when it comes to making a delicious meal!

    time saving cooking hacks

    Turn leftovers into instant flavour

    Soft herbs on the turn? Take softened butter and fold through the herbs of your choice, then roll into a ‘sausage’ of baking paper. Freeze and use whenever you need a hit of fresh herbs, we especially like to do this to extend the life of leafy herbs you might not otherwise have the time to use.

    time saving cooking hacks

    Treat Yourself

    Cook double portions of your meal and treat yourself to a leftovers night. Your future self will thank you for the night off!

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