Make Apple Chips Yourself

November 24, 2016
by HelloFresh Eat

    These apple chips are the perfect afternoon snack if you have a sweet tooth. Best of all, you can make them yourself in no time!

    make apple chips themselves: apple chips and nuts

    We’re funny old fish here at HelloFresh HQ. One day, our quest for an afternoon snack that was neither just fruit nor a chocolate biscuit, we stumbled upon this brilliant solution.

    Apple chips have that satisfying crunch and chewiness that seems to make snacking so satisfying, but with no added sugar they’re the kind of treat you can enjoy and still feel wholesome about.

    Any apple can be used for this recipe – pick your favourite or use up apples that are starting to look a little bruised and sad in the fruit bowl. With only 3 ingredients and one of the easiest methods imaginable, it’s time to to whip up a batch and enjoy. 🙂

    make apple chips themselves: Preparationmake apple chips itself: finished Apfelchips

    • apples (any seasonal variety will do – pick your favourite)
    • lemon juice
    • cinnamon


    1. Core your apples and cut into slices.
    2. Place on a lined baking tray, brush with lemon juice and sprinkle some cinnamon on top.
    3. Cook for about 2 hours (until dry and slightly crisp) at 90°C until the apple chips are dry and golden.

    Tip: If you have one, a food dehydrator is perfect for this. Simply put apple slices into the machine and dry, depending on the apple variety and device, for between 4 and 8 hours.

    make apple chips themselves: Apfelchips Towermake apple chips themselves: Apfelchips Tower


    We prefer making a big batch of these apple chips and breaking them out at 3 o’clock when the temptation for a sweet treat is just too much! They’re also great for school lunchboxes and movie nights.

    How will you have yours?

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    Suzie says:

    The apple chips look lovely. Can you tell me how long they can be kept and the best way to store them please.

    bblfoods says:

    Thanks for this post.What ate the other flavors of this model?