The ultimate pancake recipe for Pancake Tuesday

February 9, 2016
by HelloFresh Our Recipes

    It’s Shrove, or Pancake Tuesday today and it’s also a great excuse to enjoy our favourite flour free pancake recipe.

    Traditionally, Pancake Tuesday is for many Christians the final day of indulgence before the fasting of Lent begins in preparation for Easter. In a more secular context, many Aussies give up alcohol or sugar in February for charity. The 5:2 diet, which promotes reduced calorie intake on two days a week, is recommend by famous chefs and food bloggers.

    It seems that while traditions made change throughout history, the sense of balance, of feast and famine, is one that resonates with people. We seem to innately crave both the indulgent and the humble. Luckily, these pancakes are a bit of both.

    Pink Summer – Himbeere küsst Holunderblüte


      • 2 bananas
      • ½ apple
      • 2 eggs
      • ½ tsp cinnamon
      • 1 Tbs. butter

      For breakfast: 2 tbsp Greek or Turkish yoghurt + 2 tablespoons honey

      For dessert: two scoops of cinnamon or vanilla ice cream


    1. Mash the bananas in a bowl, add the eggs and mix well.
    2. Remove the core of the apple and cut into slices of 2-3 mm. Mix the apple with the cinnamon in a separate bowl.
    3. Heat half the butter in a frying pan and fry half the apples for 2 minutes over medium heat. Divide the apples between the frying pan and pour half the banana mash over it. Fry the pancakes on both sides until golden brown. Then remove from the pan and repeat with the remaining apple and other pancake mixture.
    4. Divide the pancakes on plates and serve as a dessert with a scoop of cinnamon or vanilla ice cream. Or serve as breakfast with a dollop Greek or Turkish yoghurt and honey .

    Why we love Pancake Tuesday

    Whether you’re preparing for Lent or just have a sweet tooth, these flour free pancakes are full of delicious fruit and better for you than the low nutrition regular version. We reckon it’s also pretty good for you to treat yourself every now and again. If you’re planning on a health kick this February, why not give these scrumptious pancakes with low fat yoghurt a go?

    And if you’re in a period of indulgence, a scoop of cinnamon ice cream on top of these pancakes is a perfect dessert to be savoured and enjoyed.

    Pancake Tuesday

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