Brazilian Tapioca Pancakes – delicious and gluten free

August 25, 2016
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    Brazilian Tapioca Pancakes

    These Brazilian Tapioca pancakes (pancakes? crepes?) have an amazing crunchy, bubbly texture that makes them a perfect snack or breakfast. 

    Simply fill with your favourite toppings and start enjoying breakfast, Brazilian style!


    Lately, we’ve had Brazil on the brain. It’s a country that’s bursting at the seams with colour and life, a vividness and verve that comes through in its cuisine as well. We also love mining the incredible depths of traditional cooking from around the world, to find ways people have been cooking that might seem very trendy and modern to us, but are actually as old as time.

    Middle Eastern cooking, for example, boasts loads of vegetarian and even vegan recipes – not made with loads of substitutions for other ingredients, but originally conceived of without any meat. Likewise, lots of Brazilian cooking is gluten free – not because it has been modified to leave out wheat flour, but because there is a natural reliance on the tapioca root that comes from that part of the world – which doesn’t contain gluten!


     Brazilian Tapioca Pancakes


    1/3 cup small tapioca pearls

    A little water


    Orange, banana & honey

    Prosciutto, Swiss cheese & rocket


    1. Heat a saucepan on medium-high heat.
    2. Place the tapioca pearls in a sieve and dip into water before draining to ensure any excess moisture has run off. Add a thin layer of tapioca to the warm pan.
    3. Cook on a medium-high heat and flip the pancake after a couple of minutes, both sides need to be slightly darkened.
    4. Once cooked place on a plate top with your favourite breakfast fillings.
    5. Fold over and enjoy the taste of a little piece of Brazil!


    If you’re still hankering after Brazilian cooking, be sure to check out Dulce Delight on YouTube. A Brazilian native now living in Brooklyn, we love her fun approach to using real, natural ingredients in her amazing baking.

    Happy Cooking 🙂


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