6 amazing recipes to celebrate Chinese New Year

February 8, 2016
by HelloFresh Our Recipes

    We’re welcoming the Year of the Monkey here at HelloFresh HQ, and inviting feasting and abundance into our lives with our favourite selection of Chinese dishes from HelloFresh and around the blogosphere.

    And so, in no particular order (because we’d never be so rude to all this tasty food), here are our lucky number 6 top Chinese dinners for your feast this Chinese New Year 2016. Gong xi fa cai!

    1. Hoisin Pork Lettuce Cups

    Among the many revolutionary inventions of the Chinese, hoisin sauce might just be one of our favourites. Its blend of salty and sweet is like the secret spell to unlocking flavours humans find delicious. We’ve continued the theme with a little soy sauce and honey. The result is so tasty all that’s left to do is gather together some tender pork, vermicelli noodles, crispy lettuce and start getting your hands dirty!

    chinese new year

    2. Stir-Fried Mushrooms With Bacon, Green Chiles, And Scallions (Xiachao Niugan Jun)

    This recipe from cook Duan Jan Pin, based in northwest Yunnan stars potent mushrooms as its primary flavour. Give it a try and see if you don’t love it.

    Chinese mushrooms

    3. Sichuan-Style Smashed Cucumber Salad

    Chinese food doesn’t have to mean complicated lists of ingredients or animal product heavy meals. This simple side dish from Serious Eats will have you thinking in a whole new way about humble cucumber!

    Chinese new year

    4. Perfect Fried Rice

    After mastering our Perfect Fried Rice packed with fresh veggies, your local Chinese take-away option will pale in comparison! Full of the authentic flavours of lemongrass, ginger, garlic, and chilli, teamed with lovely fresh vegetables and eggs to make it super special and satisfying.

    Chinese New Year

    5. Twice-Cooked Pork Belly

    Ah, crispy melt-in-your-mouth pork belly. It’s a favourite of Chinese cuisine both in China and in the disapora the world over.  This simple recipes from SBS Feast is a must-have for a culinary celebration of China.

    Chinese New Year

    6. Xiao Long Bao – Shanghai Steamed Soup Dumplings

    These steamed dumplings, oozing with fragrant broth and tasty pork and prawn filling are our absolute favourite! Be like the adventurous monkey this Chinese New Year and give this Chinese restaurant classic a go in your own home! If Jaden of Steamy Kitchen can’t convince you to give this a go, I don’t know what will.Chinese New Year

    How will you be celebrating this Chinese New Year? We’d love to hear your favourite traditions and recipes!

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