Two dazzling smoothie bowl recipes just for you

August 5, 2016
by HelloFresh Our Recipes

    Sometimes all you want is filling grub, with little consideration for presentation. On a slow weekend morning though, there’s a certain joy to be found in the beauty of a well prepared, good looking dish.

    These smoothie bowl recipes are as wholesome as wholesome could be. They’re also very good looking, if we do say so ourselves. Not only are these toppings gloriously colourful though, they also serve a purpose, adding texture and toothsome additions to the scrumptious smoothie bowls.

    Did you know that the act of chewing actually helps to fill you up? Adding a few tasty treats on top of these bowls will ensure you’re left feeling full and satisfied.

    smoothie bowl recipe

    We’ve given you two varieties here; a green smoothie that’s fresh and zesty, and a creamy acai smoothie with sweet red berries. Now it’s just up to you which you’ll pick!

    Green smoothie bowl recipe

    smoothie bowl recipe

    3 bananas, choppped and frozen
    2 cups of spinach
    1/2 cup rocket, packed
    2 sprigs mint
    Juice of one lime
    1 tsp wheat grass

    Blend well and top with watermelon balls, edible flowers and slices of mango. Cos you fancy like that.

    smoothie bowl recipe


     Acai bowl recipe

    smoothie bowl recipe

    ½ cup raspberries, frozen or fresh
    1 cup blueberries, frozen or fresh
    ½ cup strawberries, frozen of fresh
    2 tsp of acai Powder
    2 pitted dates
    2 banana, chopped and frozen
    1 cup almond milk

    Blend well and gussy up with sliced fig, sliced star fruit & strawberries. Why on earth not?


    Happy Cooking.


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    Linda says:

    That is one I mean two gorgeous looking smoothie bowl. I bet those are delicious too. So, what am I waiting for? Gotta make one after this comment.