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February 2, 2017
by HelloFresh Get To Know Us

    Discover where HelloFresh delivers to!

    Save money and time on your meals with our meal kits.

    You asked for it, Darwin, and we have delivered! Or should we say, we will deliver… HelloFresh boxes right to your doorstep.

    HelloFresh 2016

    Our meal kit delivery service has expanded to the Northern Territory, with orders for Darwin and surrounding areas available from Thursday the 2nd of February (hey, that’s Today!) First deliveries are being made on Monday the 13th of February and we’re so excited to be the first of our kind in the NT.

    We offer three box options: a Classic Box, Veggie Box and Family Box, ranging from $64.95 to $189.95 and feeding between two to five people for three to five nights a week.

    Deliveries will be made during two four-hour windows on Mondays, either in the early morning or evening. For a list of delivery times, as well as suburbs we will deliver to, sorted by postcode, see below. You’ll receive the recipes and pre-portioned ingredients for main meals in a box delivered to your door in your nominated time window.

    Delivery Suburbs & Postcodes

    0800Darwin, Darwin City
    0810Alawa, Brinkin, Casuarina, Coconut Grove, Jingili, Lyons, Millner, Moil, Muirhead, Nakara, Nightcliff, Rapid Creek, Tiwi, Wagaman, Wanguri
    0812Anula, Holmes, Karama, Leanyer, Malak, Marrara, Wulagi
    0820Bayview, Charles Darwin, Coonawarra, Darwin City, East Point, Eaton, Fannie Bay, The Gardens, Larrakeyah, Ludmilla, The Narrows, Parap, Stuart Park, Winnellie, Woolner
    0822Charles Darwin, East Arm, Elrundie, Hidden Valley, Tivendale, Wishart, Woolaning
    0828Berrimah, Holtze, Knuckey Lagoon, Pinelands
    0829Holtze, Pinelands
    0830Archer, Driver, Durack, Farrar, Gray, Holtze, Marlow Lagoon, Moulden, Palmerston, Palmerston City, Woodroffe, Yarrawonga
    0832Bakewell, Bellamack, Gunn, Johnston, Mitchell, Rosebery, Rosebery Heights, Zuccoli
    HelloFresh 2016

    Here we come… Tom’s on his way with HelloFresh!

    Why we’re excited

    Darwin is certainly a unique part of Australia, so here’s a few examples that make us super excited to be bringing HelloFresh there:

    • We’re big on sustainability. A big part of our M.O. is to cut down on food wastage across Australia. It may delight you to learn, in that case, that Darwin plays host to a solar-powered car race. The World Solar Challenge covers over 3,021km and brings people from all over the world to test their enviro-conscious designs.
    • Still on sustainability and recycling, ever felt like you could be putting all those empty beer cans to better use? Well, since 1974, Darwin’s Mindil Beach has played host to the annual Beer Can Regatta, where entrants build boats out of recycled beer cans, bottles and milk cartons, we assume not all on the day of competition.
    • We like to think we’re at the top of the food chain as humans doling out our HelloFresh boxes, but Darwin keeps us humble, as it boasts the Top End’s and indeed the country’s highest population of Saltwater Crocodiles, or Salties, if you’re a local. We wouldn’t recommend taking one on, because spoiler alert: you’ll lose.
    • Darwin is named for Charles Darwin, the English naturalist and geologist, a pioneer in the natural selection theory of evolution: survival of the fittest. This is apt, as not only do you have to be tough to survive in the oppressive Darwin temperatures and croc and jellyfish infest waters, but if you’re a box filled with fresh produce, you’ve got to be pretty tough too. Luckily for us, our wool cool insulation and gel ice packs will see the survival of food on the way to your kitchen.
    • Darwin was the birthplace of some of Australia’s favourite sporting icons, including AFL wiz Cyril Rioli, cricketer Damien Martyn and former track star Nova Peris-Kneebone. Now that HelloFresh’s tasty and nutritious meal kits are in town, here’s hoping they can produce another crop of healthy young athletes for us to cheer on in the future.
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