Food Trends of 2017…what’s here to stay?

February 10, 2017
by Rose Tips and Tricks

    HelloFresh turned our ever-hungry eye towards the hottest trends of 2017. Here’s what we saw…

    food trends 2017


    This new, hip grain has recently been touted as the replacement for quinoa, which might delight those folks who never quite knew if it was “keen-wah” or “quin-oh-ah,” if sorghum itself didn’t have an ambiguous, unusual spelling too.

    Slightly sweet and chewy, this gluten-free grain bears a resemblance to Israeli couscous, though each orb has a little dot on it, nature’s little distinguisher, if you will, so you won’t get them mixed up and be off-trend.

    Sorghum is rich in fibre and protein, is good for your bones with its magnesium and phosphorous supplies, strengthens your immune system due to the presence of iron and contains B vitamins niacin and B6 to aid in the conversion of food into energy. It can even do your washing up and help with your taxes.

    But where to find this wonder-grain in 2017? It can already be sourced in baked chips and ready-to-go breakfast cereals and is even used in some spirits for our cocktail fans. It will likely be present in gluten-free bread, some crackers and protein bars. On top of that, popped sorghum is actually a great alternative to popcorn. Trendy!


    Sprouting Seeds, Nuts, Beans and Grains


    There’s always one trend around that’s already done the rounds before and is making a comeback, so let’s head back to the ‘70s for some retro charm and start sprouting everything.

    We all know the fun you can have with sprouting: chuck some seeds in a stocking, water it, throw on some googly eyes and watch your new pal’s hair grow. It’s a riot. But, if this wasn’t enough already, sprouting actually increases the nutritional value of plant food.

    “But how?” I hear you ask. Be patient, dear reader, scientific justifications forthcoming. Sprouting means seeds germinate and shoots emerge, consuming starches, resulting in a higher quantity of fibre and protein. Not only that, sprouting also deactivates anti-nutrients, like phytic acid, causing easier absorption of proteins and minerals e.g. sprouting rye may see its folate content increase almost four-fold.

    “But don’t the nutritional benefits disappear once the sprouts are heated?” Way ahead of you. Benefits still exist compared to un-sprouted grains, for instance, sprouted-grain bread promotes satiety and lowers blood sugar response compared to whole-grain bread… So, it’s better, OK?


    Poké Bowl

    food trends 2017

    No, this isn’t another accessory for your Pokémon, it’s far more delicious and real than that. Poké is a Japanese-inspired, Hawaiian rice bowl served with raw fish, avocado, mango, vegetables and a soy sauce-based seasoning.

    The name Poké comes from the Hawaiian verb for “section” or “to slice or cut” and denotes the way the fish is cubed in the dish and Poké bowl sounds a whole lot more appetising and far less contradictory than “cube bowl.”

    Poké is centuries old, though its present form became popular in the ‘70s, but has recently taken off globally, like all good trends, after seeing success in Los Angeles and New York. It’s yoga all over again!

    Packed with lean protein, whole grains, healthy fats and vegetables, this gluten free bowl of joy is generally made with yellowfin tuna but modern versions can use raw salmon, smoked octopus and shellfish. Marinate it in Japanese-style condiments and you’re laughing. Or eating. Or both, we’re not going to tell you what to do.


    Pickling and Fermenting Foods

    After a trend that’s better for your health, for flavour and for the planet? Let us introduce you to pickling and fermenting. It might not sound or look attractive, but believe us, it’s beneficial and cool as a cucumber… stuck in a jar and soaked in brine and dill. (Had a nap after I wrote that one).

    Not only does pickling your own vegetables carry with it a certain rustic charm, its health benefits are boundless. Cultured (or pickled) foods have already had their bacteria broken down, meaning your stomach will digest it more easily and the cultured foods even help to break down other food eaten at the same time. Who knew pickles were such good Samaritans?

    Vitamin C and enzymes are also prevalent in fermented veggies and the more of these in your body, the better it is for your immune system and skin, making you feel and look better. Not only that, but pickles are known to quell the desire for sugars and starches, two rather unhealthy substances. So, basically, eat pickles and lose weight.

    Pickling and preserving food even supports the trend of minimising food wastage. Pickled watermelon rinds, anyone?

    It’s not just your classic gherkins though, look out for kimchi (spicy Korean cabbage), kombucha (a fermented and slightly sour, fizzy tea), kefir (a tart, yoghurt-like drink made with fermented grains) and koji (found in every fermented Japanese food from soy sauce, to miso to sake).

    And once you’ve finished all your solids and are left with only pickle juice, as Hannibal Buress taught us, you’re left with only one option: flick it on your sandwiches for flavour.

    Home Cooking

    We may be a little biased with this one, but bias doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wrong. Home-delivered meal kits are also a predicted trend and we believe the best one.

    This modern life is certainly a hectic one. Technology’s been steadily taking over our lives ever since Dylan went electric and the more connected we become online, ironically, the less connected we become in real life, or IRL, as the kids say.

    food trends 2017 home cooking

    The needle is shifting towards delivery as a modern convenience, but people are still wanting to spend time with the families and loved ones. What better time to switch off and get some quality time in than cooking and eating dinner?

    Well, wouldn’t you know it, HelloFresh is a wonderful marriage of those two elements! All the convenience and time-saving of delivery and still with the opportunity to get the family around the cook and enjoy together.

    With people looking to be more health conscious and less wasteful, the pre-selected meals, portioned to perfection and expertly crafted to be as nutritious as possible are an exact fit for the busy individual who still wants to clock that quality time. What are you waiting for? Give HelloFresh a try! You wouldn’t want to be untrendy, would you?

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