How to store fresh herbs November 4, 2015

by HelloFresh Tips and Tricks

how to store fresh herbs

Welcome to the HelloFresh way to keep herbs fresh as a daisy! If you’re a bit lost as to how to store fresh herbs so you get the most out of them, check out these tips.

There are several elements to consider when storing herbs:

  • Keep your herbs away from direct sunlight. Excessive light will burn their delicate leaves.
  • Keep them covered, excessive exposure to oxygen will make them wilt faster.
  • Regulate moisture levels (too wet and they’ll be slimy, too dry and they won’t be green for long!).
  • Keep them in the fridge (with the exception of basil and very thin mint leaves), green herbs are best kept at a regulated cool

For all green herbs except basil:

Lay out the herbs on a damp paper towel or fresh chux cloth wipe. Gently roll up the herbs within the wet paper, place in a plastic zip lock bag and store in the fridge (not too close to the back wall, it’s too cold!). Herbs stored like this should last up to 2 weeks.

For basil (or very thin mint leaves):

Trim the bottom of the herbs, place in a jar or glass filled with a few inches of water and cover with a plastic zip lock bag. Store out of direct sunlight. Basil stored like this should last 2 weeks.

For woody herbs:

Lay out the herbs on a dry paper towel, roll up and store in a plastic zip lock bag in the fridge. Herbs stored like this should last 2-3 weeks.

For a perfect way to enjoy any leftover herbs this summer, check out our new favourite BBQ condiment.

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