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September 1, 2015
by HelloFresh Our Cooking tools
    Jump to recipe[dropcap letter=”C”]old drip coffee is definitely having a bit of a moment right now. And if you’re wondering how to make coffee, there a few processes as easy and satisfying as this.

    You may have heard the arguments for it: it’s supposedly a sweeter, less bitter and more delicate tasting brew than your average cup of morning peculator. You may have also seen strange devices constructed from looping straws and test tubes in coffee shops, looking a little like a gin distillery from M*A*S*H.  Consensus at the HelloFresh farm used to be that cold drip coffee is indeed delicious, but probably too hard for us mere mortals to produce (baristas are a lot like wizards aren’t they?). How wrong we were!

    To prepare your cold drip concentrate, you’ll need a few items and about 24 hours for your brew to stew. The good new is you can prepare a large quantity to keep in the fridge all week to enjoy whenever you fancy!

    Step 1. Coarsely ground coffee and filtered water ready to go

    Step 2. Slowly pouring water through the ground beans

    Step 3. After 24 hours, pour the mixture through a sieve

    Step 4. Strain the coffee again through a sieve with a paper towel in it

    Step 5. Seal in an airtight glass or jar and enjoy delicious coffee concentrate!


    [title maintitle=”Why Cold Drip?”] So, why would you bother with cold drip? Well, there are a few reasons to give this technique a go!

    [title maintitle=”” subtitle=”Time is Money”] Although this drink requires a little patience to brew, you can make litres at a time and then whip up a drink with it in a flash!

    [title maintitle=”” subtitle=”Sugar, I’m Sweet Enough”] Cold drip has a more subtle, delicate flavour and a lower acidity level because the roasted beans haven’t been exposed to scalding hot water. This means that the bitterness is much lower in cold drip coffee, and it tastes sweeter. You can enjoy it without milk or sugar and it still tastes lovely!

    [title maintitle=”” subtitle=”Be Kind to your Mind”] The cold drip coffee process means that the caffeine present in your cup of joe may actually affect you differently. If you tend to crash and burn after each latte, Cold drip coffee may be the answer for you.

    For a fabulous video that will walk you through this recipe, check out Mike Cooper on Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube.

    cold drip coffee in a cup

    Would you try this cold drip coffee recipe at home? Let us know in the comments!

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    1 comment

    This Tuesday I will be receiving my first delivery, I am looking forward to receiving the recipe and the ingredients together so I do not need to forget my shopping list when I go shopping and guess was it white potato or sweet potato.
    I am wondering as you have a tip for drip coffee do you supply coffee too? If not I have a fantastic opportunity. A friend of mine currently makes her own fresh coffee beans ready for use with equally interesting names from Juke Box Coffee. The coffee bean names are “It’s a hard days night” and “She loves you”. currenly plans are in progress for a new coffee bean she has found.
    I would be interested in helping her to get her coffee out into society so if you have any ideas or have any thoughts to offer, this is welcome too.
    My friends name is Louise and I have attached her website above.
    Thank you

    Victoria says:

    I had some coffee that I just could drink as it was so bitter regardless of water temperature and grind, I just tried your cold drip method and its wonderful! Fabulous for summer iced coffee 🙂 thanks