HelloFresh cracks out the biccies for AmnesTEA

August 31, 2015
by HelloFresh Eat
    [dropcap letter=”D”]id you know that last Thursday was Amnesty International’s AmnesTEA day? Being both fans of human rights and delicious treats, the HelloFresh office thought we’d better band together and have a cuppa in the name of a really good cause.



    Amnesty work to further human rights causes around Australia and globally. Some of their initiatives include working for Indigenous Rights, support of women in regions such as Afghanistan, lobbying against the death penalty and the use of torture and working to promote the rights and well being of refugees. They also understand the power of a good biscuit a strong cup of tea. What better reason to take a break at the fresh farm?


    The treats on offer, provided by our very own HelloFresh team, ranged from the healthy (gluten free vegan doughnuts, black bean vegan and sugar free chocolate cake)…


    …to the downright indulgent (hazelnut topped caramel slice anyone?)



    All in all, we think the morning was a great success! The best part of course being that we could then gather up our gold coins and send them off to the good folks at Amnesty.




    Did you celebrate AmnesTEA this year? If you’d like to donate to Amnesty International, you can do so here.

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