Spring Playlist and special giveaway!

September 2, 2015
by HelloFresh Our Cooking tools

    Spring has sprung! Are you feeling the warmth in the air? The song on the breeze? The undeniable feeling that good things are coming your way?

    Yes, we thought so.In fact, amazing things could be coming your way!

    To win our special giveaway all you have to do is play along with us…


    In honour of Spring’s long awaited arrival, we thought we’d share our top 20 food related tracks to brighten your day. Have a look through and see what you think.
    Then, let us know your favourite song to be in the running to win our very special giveaway: a HelloFresh chef starter kit (modelled above by our budding chef Tamara). Keep scrolling to find your favourite hunger inducing track!


    1. Food, Glorious Food – Oliver! score
      The essential foodie tune, and a wonderfully upbeat melody that’s perfectly suited to spring. We dare you to listen to this song without cracking a smile.
    2. Peaches – The Presidents of the USA
      A grungy favourite, you’re surely can’t argue with such sound reasoning as “peaches come in a can, they were put there by a man”. Indeed!
    3. Milkshake – Kelis
      Despite the fact that noone really knows what on earth this song is about, you can’t deny it is one of the catchiest tunes of the last 20 years. And it makes us hungry.
    4. American Pie – Don McLean
      Need we say more? No foodie song list would be complete without this epic of American storytelling.
    5. I Eat Dinner – Rufus Wainwright and Dido
      This sombre little number is a cover of the original Kate and Anna McGarrigle version, recorded for the Bridget Jones’ Diary soundtrack. But don’t let that put you off, it’s gorgeous.
    6. The Salmon Dance – The Chemical Brothers
      The ultimate in sushi party music. This song comes complete with facts about salmon, spoken by, well, a salmon! Brilliant!
    7. The Ketchup Song – Las Ketchup
      Never ones to deviate from a theme, this song may be nonsensical to most English speakers, but the message is clear! (It’s about ketchup. duh.)
    8. Rock Lobster – The B-52’s
      Never before (nor since) have a musical act so perfectly blended comedy, pure melodic joy and delicious seafood. Guys, we salute you.
    9. T-Bone – Neil Young & Crazy Horse
      Here, Neil Young expresses the conundrum of every omnivore forced to eat a vegetarian meal by their significant other. “Got mashed potatoes/ Got mashed potatoes/ Got mashed potatoes/ ain’t got no T-Bone”. We feel ya Neil, we feel ya.
    10. Vega-Tables – The Beach Boys
      Dubious spelling aside, the Beach Boys deliver an educational and catchy-as-hell-hit with this stranger composition from Brian Wilson’s brilliant mind.
    11. Chop Suey! – System of a Down
      For the harder rocking amongst us, few riffs go quite so hard as this frenetically paced adventure with SOAD (that’s what we true fans call them).
    12. Lost in the Supermarket – The Clash
      The anguish of modern existence perfectly summed up in a Clash song. Of course, you know you don’t have to go through all that anymore, right?
    13. Pork and Beans – Weezer
      This song is a lovely boppy pop song, and it also has an hilarious video. Which you should probably watch now.
    14. Raspberry Beret – Prince
      From the High Priest of Pop Himself, we welcome this offering, as refreshing as biting into a fresh raspberry.
    15. Mango Tree – Angus and Julia Stone
      A dreamy tune from the Australian brother sister duo which never fails to conjure images of a lazy Sunday in Australia.
    16. Fresh Strawberries – Franz Ferdinand
      When the Scottish lads aren’t begging you Take Me Out (to a nice restaurant presumably), they’re extolling the delights of fresh fruit.
    17. Mother Popcorn – James Brown
      Hot, tasty, moreish. James Brown and popcorn may have more in common than we first thought…
    18. Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face) – Adam & The Ants
      The ultimate 80s pop pirate left no lyrical stone unturned in his quest to be as baffling as possible, and this song is no exception.
    19. Superfast Jellyfish – Gorillaz
      We know, jellyfish is not the most popular of food choices. But the bitingly satirical lyrics about the horrors of convenience junk food earn this song a place on our playlist. “This morning you’ve got time for a hot, home-cooked breakfast. Delicious and piping hot in only 3 microwave minutes.” #yeahright.
    20. Candy – Iggy Pop
      Anyone with a sweet tooth knows the feeling of not being to let go of candy. Iggy Pop just said it better than we ever could.

    Now it’s your turn! To win our gorgeous HelloFresh chef kit, head to our Facebook page and tell us which song in our Spring playlist is your favourite, and why. Good Luck!


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