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December 17, 2019
by Toby Our Cooking tools

    “I’m too busy to cook” is now a thing of the past…

    At HelloFresh, we believe that being short on time should never stand in the way of cooking fresh and wholesome meals and we’re very excited to announce the launch of our *BRAND NEW* HelloFresh Fresh & Fast meals. 

    What’s HelloFresh Fresh & Fast? 

    Perfect for busy weeknights, HelloFresh Fresh & Fast is a delicious, nutritious and FAST solution to dinnertime. With just 3-step, easy-to-follow recipes ready in 15 minutes or less, it’s the quickest way possible to cook dinner. To put that into perspective, you could cook and enjoy a delicious dinner AND watch the latest episode of Stranger Things all in an hour (or less!). 

    So you might be wondering how our Fresh & Fast recipes are different from our usual recipes… and the biggest difference comes down to preparation. Where we can we’ve eliminated marinating, grating, rolling, crumbing and sauce making by sourcing high-quality pre-prepped ingredients. Not to mention, there’s less dishes and pots to clean – double winning! 

    Favourite Fresh & Fast Recipes 

    What inspired us to create our new Fresh & Fast meals? At HelloFresh, we’re big believers in eating fresh home cooked meals, but get life can get busy. We want to give our customers an option to easily and quickly cook nutritious meals in less time than it takes to order from a meal delivery service. We’ve taken Aussie classic favourites and added a wholesome twist, such as:  

    Butter Chicken 

    You’ll love this mild, yet flavourful butter chicken curry with rice, Greek yoghurt, coriander and crushed peanuts. 

    Chicken Parmigiana & Garlic-Herb Potatoes

    An absolute Aussie classic in 15 mins – you beauty! Throw in a side of potatoes in a mouth-watering herb butter and now you’re talking. 

    Mexican Beef Burrito Bowl

    Mexican Monday? Dish up this Mexican beef burrito bowl with speedy guacamole, sour cream and coriander.

    The Ultimate Test

    Now, you’re probably wondering how do these meals actually stack up against preparing from scratch. To celebrate the launch of HelloFresh Fresh & Fresh, we decided to put it to the ultimate test in the HelloFresh kitchen. 

    Paddy, one of our HelloFresh chefs went up against his boss in an ultimate cook off. 

    The dish: Lemon & Herb Salmon with Roast Veggie Couscous

    The challenge: Paddy had to cook the dish from scratch using ingredients from the grocery store, while the boss cooked the HelloFresh Fresh & Fast meal. The winner was whoever cooked and plated their meal first. 

    The end result? After marinating the salmon, chopping veggies and boiling water, Paddy plated up his dish, but after boss served up the HelloFresh Fresh & Fast meal in less than 15 mins. To rub salt into the wound – Paddy ended up with three times the amount of dishes and pots to clean. 

    Not convinced? See what some of our first Fresh & Fast customers had to say: 

    • “This is perfect for busy people! Quick to prep and cook! The meat was already diced and marinated, which was a big time saver for me. The Mediterranean Beef & Salad Bowl was a winner for me!” 
    • “The Honey-Soy Chicken Bowl took me 5 minutes to cook and it was absolutely delicious. More Fresh & Fast recipes please, HelloFresh! 
    • “It was just three steps so I asked my husband to cook it and he did! I think he even enjoyed it. And it was delicious!!” 
    • “Wow this was super quick to cook and I also used A LOT less utensils than usual. It tasted delicious and the kitchen was quick to clean up after – double win, we loved it!”

    Have you tried our HelloFresh Fresh & Fast meals yet? Tell us what you think!

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    I leave in Brisbane area can you delivery only fresh vegges or it is with recipes. Can you tell me more about it.