10 High Protein Dinners Doing Heavy Lifting

April 19, 2017
by HelloFresh Tips and Tricks

    OK guys, winter is coming. That means filling food that won’t turn us into roly-poly walking sleeping bags unable to fend off white walkers. 

    The only solution? Some high-protein dinners that will leave you satisfied without putting you into hibernation. Here are our top 10 dinners that fit the bill. Click through to get the recipes!

    1. Dukkah Chicken with Warm Honeyed Beetroot & Carrot Salad

    high protein dinners

    This colourful dish kicks off our high protein feast. The natural sweetness of beetroot and carrot, gently drawn out by a little honey, is the perfect accompaniment for a scrumptious dukkah crusted chicken breast, bolstered with extra protein from fetta cheese.

    2. Green Olive & Cheddar Frittata 

    high protein dinners

    This green olive and cheddar frittata is like a slice of Spain on a level 1 difficulty plate. It may appear complicated, but trust us when we say this oven baked treat couldn’t be simpler! With a double whammy of protein, it’s a vegetarian dish that won’t leave you hungry.

    3. Beef & Sweet Potato Fries with Herby Green Sauce

    high protein dinners

    You’d be forgiven for thinking you were in Argentina tucking into rare beef splashed with bright green herby sauce, but in classic HelloFresh style, we’ve added the twist of sweet potato fries. This is Australia after all! And we do love a good low carb twist on a high protein dish.

    4. Superfood Quesadillas with Tomato Salsa

    high protein dinners

    Forget the Tex-Mex quesadillas of the past; this beauty is jam-packed with nutrients and earns its superfood crown. The secret to a killer Mexican feast is a refreshing salsa made with sweet tomato, coriander and lemon. So simple, yet so satisfying!

    5. Veggie Lentil Lasagne 

    Lentils are so hearty and flavoursome, so it’s little wonder they’re high in protein as befits their meatiness. They more than hold their own in this vegetarian rendition of an absolute weeknight dinner classic.

    6. Saltimbocca Chicken 

    high protein dinners

    Saltimbocca literally means ‘jumps in the mouth’ and it’s not hard to see why with this tasty supper. Butterflying and tenderising the chicken breast is worth the extra effort – it will allow the fillets to cook quickly and for the Serrano ham to crisp up beautifully.

    7. Crispy Spiced Lamb & Chickpeas 

    high protein dinners

    Why treat hummus like a side when it can shine on the centre stage?! As a base in this spiced lamb dish, it really holds its own and forms part of our holy trinity of protein rich elements.

    8. Honey Mustard Chicken 

    high protein dinners

    A classic combination of honey and mustard never goes amiss. We love the way these flavours caramelise in the oven, giving a crispy, gooey finish. We’ve used chicken thigh here because it packs a fantastic flavour, remains moist as it cooks and fuses with a bed of delicious roast veggies.

    9. Pork & Bean Burritos 

    high protein dinners

    Pork and beans are seriously good in burritos – rich with plenty of flavour, full of protein and just waiting for big flavours. We’ve infused yoghurt here with mild Mexican spice seasoning. The result? Dangerously good if we do say so ourselves.

    10. Parmesan-Crusted Salmon with Potatoes & Greens

    high protein dinners

    Salmon is a great, robust fish with good flavour, so these fillets can handle the decked out crust we’ve given them. Crispy panko breadcumbs, freshly grated Parmesan cheese, lemon zest and parsley take this simple combination of fish, herby potatoes and sugar snap peas to the next level.

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