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A Rainbow Salad Recipe to cheer your heart

Our Cooking tools March 11, 2016

This gorgeous rainbow salad looks like it could be a painter’s palette – good thing it tastes as good as it looks!

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Salad in a Jar – literally the best idea ever

Eat February 23, 2016

We are not exaggerating. This salad in a jar is so bloody clever!

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1 comment

Benji says:

Bang up idea! I use this same concept for my mornings – I put the yogurt, honey and berry jam on the bottom followed by muesli and granola (works like the divider) then pack all my fruits on top leaving my softer more fragile fruit till last,,, then when ready I ‘up end’ the jar into my bowl and hey pesto mixed like a dream with no soggy muesli or ruined fruits

Greer says:

I am loving this concept Benji! Will be trying this next week…

Vicki Byrnes says:

Greer, have been a HF customer for a few months now, and just today had time to look around. “Look what I found!” …Your posts! Well done.

I will take time out occasionally to catch up on what’s new and yummy.

I have a question;
I recently cooked the Oven Roasted John Dory w Mediterranean Veg in a gas oven. It too ages to cook the fish on 200 degrees and had to keep going back every 6-8 minutes to check and re-check it. so in the end it too approx 30 min to cook the John Dory!

After plating up and eating, I was a little disappointed that it was missing flavour of sorts. I put plenty of P&S, extra lemon as well as the oregano, but I think it needed some other spice or herb added to it.

I can cook a little but when it comes to adding flavours to meat, poultry and fish I am dead set out of my comfort!

Do I up the heat in the oven, and what suggestions could you give me to add more flavour to the above dish, for my poor abandoned taste-buds?

Thanks VickiB

Greer says:

Hi Vicki,

Thanks so much for your feedback on this recipe. For roasting, a great tip is to resist the temptation to open the oven every 10 minutes (we know, it’s so hard!). Opening the oven releases a lot of heat very quickly, which takes time to build back up. Wherever you can, use the oven door to look through and check the progress of your dinner.

We recommend an amount of seasoning (be it salt and pepper, or citrus, chilli, etc.), but everyone’s tastes are different. Don’t be afraid to add more to suit your tastes!

Your comment has given us a great idea for a blog post. Stay tuned for our founder Tom’s latest article on how to add flavour to any meal!

Have an eco-friendly picnic this weekend with this cool cutlery hack.

Get To Know Us February 5, 2016

Need we say more?

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Watermelon and fetta salad

Eat December 8, 2015

The next time someone this summer says ‘bring a plate’ – remember this watermelon and fetta salad! It’s fresh, crowd pleasing and even a little bit foodie fancy.

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Miso Almonds: a delicious vegan friendly snack

Our Cooking tools October 14, 2015

If you have a savoury tooth, but are concerned about all that salt and fat in potato chips or similar, you’re going to love these miso-roasted treats!

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Simple chimichurri: our new favourite BBQ condiment

Our Recipes October 9, 2015

Looking for a fresh, fragrant and punchy addition to your morning eggs? Your favourite sandwich? Or with grilled or barbecued meat at dinner?

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Uses for your leftover garlic

Eat September 28, 2015

If you ever have extra cloves of garlic hanging around, don’t end up throwing them out! Here are some delicious uses for your leftover garlic.

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What’s the Deal with…ceviche?

Our Cooking tools September 7, 2015

As the weather starts to get warmer, we start to change all sort of things about our lives. We start to think about changing our hair (blonde? haircut so the ears can breathe?), our exercise regime (ocean swim, anyone?) and especially our food.

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What’s the deal with….Quinoa?

Our Cooking tools August 25, 2015

There's a big world out there, and it's absolutely brimming with the weird and wonderful food related things. In our What's the deal with... series, we aim to breakdown some (...)

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Ode to the Chestnut

Our Cooking tools August 8, 2015

Being down under as we are, you may have felt the same heartache as me around Christmas. Summer is all well and good, but there is something about standing around (...)

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