Have an eco-friendly picnic this weekend with this cool cutlery hack.

February 5, 2016
by HelloFresh Get To Know Us

    Need we say more?

    cutlery hack

    There’s nothing better than getting outside in the sun and enjoying food in the open air. There’s an element of whimsy about a picnic. One can almost imagine a vague¬†ancestor, seeking the shade of a tree in the midday sun, sustaining themselves for the back breaking work ahead. ¬†The world seems more timeless without the oppressive man made elements of the city surrounding you. Maybe it’s 2016, but maybe it’s 1936. Heck, maybe it’s 1836! You eschew packaging in general, and the scene on the picnic blanket looks ageless too: bread, cheese, apples, ham. – staples of Western diets for centuries. Suddenly, you feel the great continuum of human development, the endurance of food traditions. The sky is shining bright blue; eternal, endless, beautiful.

    There’s only one thing spoiling the scene. Those bloody plastic knives and forks. Their too-bright white more glaring than the bright blue sky. Their flimsy disposable handles look too weak to cut through the aged cheddar you’ve brought, and certainly far too flimsy to cut through the years of dairy farm experimentation that lead to the flavours contained within the cheese. A dark cloud creeps into the edge of the formerly perfect panorama. Thunder cracks threateningly on the horizon.


    The thought alone of their shards, tipped without ceremony, into the bin at park is enough to kill the mood. But there is a solution! This clever little cutlery hack is perfect for cutting down on waste and reducing your carbon footprint the next time you head out to the park for some tasty fixings.


    You Will Need:

    • Cheap cutlery from your local Vinnies or charity shop (they’re cheap as chips and you’re giving these already manufactured items a new life!)
    • masking tape
    • good quality enamel paint (indoor furniture paint is good)
    • scissors
    • paint brush

    What To Do:

    1. Make sure the cutlery is clean and dry (don’t be afraid to get into any nooks and crannies with steal wool).
    2. Tape off the cutlery so that there is a clean line at the top of the handles.
    3. Paint the handles of the cutlery in your desired colours. Allow to dry Apply a second coat if required.
    4. Remove tape, and enjoy your brand new picnic cutlery!

    With this bright cutlery hack, you’ll never mistake your picnic cutlery for the good stuff. These babies can be kept in the picnic basket ready to go. Cutting through cheese is a breeze, and don’t they look gorgeous?

    cutlery hack

    If you have a sweet tip to waste less on your next al fresco dining adventure, let us know in the comments!

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