Miso Almonds: a delicious vegan friendly snack

October 14, 2015
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    If you have a savoury tooth, but are concerned about all that salt and fat in potato chips or similar, you’re going to love these miso-roasted treats!

    Miso almonds are protein rich, vegan friendly, gluten free and lower in sodium than anything flavoured with plain old table salt. They’re also more filling than other salty store bought snacks, and because you’ve made them yourself you can be sure that everything you’re eating is good old fashioned food. Perfect!


    miso almonds

    This recipe can be made with as big a batch of almonds as you would like, and storing the nuts in a sealable glass jar or similar will keep them fresh for several weeks. Miso is a great option for a savoury snack because it is a naturally salty ingredient, and still contains other substances like minerals which can help your body break down sodium. Sodium of course isn’t all bad – check out our tips for cooking with sodium here. Miso’s actually has another secret element that makes it particularly tasty – umami. Umami is a kind of extra taste – neither salty nor sweet, it’s a savoury taste that makes things like stock, parmesan and soy sauce taste so great. Japanese food is often rich in umami flavour, and there’s something special about the combination of miso paste with the sweetness of almonds that is also super delicious.

    miso almonds

    miso almonds

    Will you be trying this easy snack at home? Let us know in the comments!

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