Ask a Chef: A Q&A with our founder Tom

February 16, 2016
by HelloFresh Get To Know Us

    It’s a big, bad world out there, full of contradictory cooking advice. Luckily, our head chef Tom is here to answer the questions that matter! It’s time to ask a chef.

    CEO and Founder of HelloFresh Australia, Tom’s a finalist on Masterchef and uses his inherent knowledge of food every day at HelloFresh, as he shows Australia that delicious food can be made using simple, healthy ingredients. In between running things at HelloFresh HQ, we found some time to sit Tom down to answer some of the most contentious cooking conundrums. First up: your questions on how to cook meat.

    Tom Rutledge

    Do I really have to ‘rest’ steak after I cook it? It seems like a waste of time.

    If there’s one thing at HelloFresh we won’t stand for, it’s wasting time, so believe me when I tell you this technique is worth it. Think of the protein in your steak as little straws. When we apply heat to these straws, they contract and force out the moisture that used to be inside. When you place a cooked steak on a plate and juices run out? That’s the moisture displaced during cooking. Resting a steak under some aluminium foil for 5 minutes allows the ‘straws’ of protein to regain their shape, and allows to moisture to be retained within the meat (for juicy tender meat) instead of on your plate (exactly what you don’t want)!
     how to cook a steak

    What are your tips for cooking meat?

    All HelloFresh meat and fish is Cryovac sealed so it stays beautifully fresh without any added chemicals. Cryovac doesn’t use any added gases to preserve your meat – all of our produce is lovely and fresh, so we don’t need to extend it’s life by weeks and weeks. Because HelloFresh meat is sealed fresh so no fresh air can get in, I always take the meat out of the cryovac packaging and let it sit on the bench for a minute. The surface of the meat needs a minute to get used to fresh air again. For mince, I might leave it as long as 5 or 10 minutes, because the surface area is larger.

    After that, you can also pat the surface dry with a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture. This will ensure a nice ‘sizzle’ when meat hits the pan! Make sure your pan has reached the desired temperature before you start cooking anything. For mince, you can rinse it gently under running water for a moment, or just pop it in the pan – any confinement odour the meat may have had in the packaging will disappear – think of it as stale air.


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    lionel gorrie says:

    several years ago i enjoyed a chocolate mud cake in queenstown new zealand at a private dinner party. it had pitted prunes, soaked in chocolate liquer, no eggs, coffee,, raw sugar, cocoa, cinnamon, what else i don’t know and was absolutely delicious. i think it was called suzannah’s chocolate prune cake. i cannot find any recipe anywhere that contains no eggs or butter. it just got better as it aged in the fridge.
    can you help.

    Greer says:

    Wow Lionel, this sounds delicious! We’re going to have to attempt a recipe like this on our blog 🙂