Kate and Juliette – international sisters!

February 15, 2016
by HelloFresh Get To Know Us
    The Hello Fresh kitchen is a place where people come together – after all, we are a food company and good food is a great way to secure friendship.

    For two of our HelloFreshers, Kate and Juliette, the friendship went even closer – although they live on different sides of the world, they’re now official HF sisters!

    Quirk of the Week

    A Tale of Two Sisters

    Juliette (French Marketing intern) and I (Kate, Australian Recipe Assistant) met in the Hello Fresh kitchen and bonded over a mutual love for health food products. I’d share my raw chocolates, she’d share her nut butter and it was a match made in heaven! Perhaps it was all the similar eating, but after a short time we realised that we look alike and now she calls me her Australian sister!
    Quirk of the Week

    Australian Kate and French Juliette – see the resemblance?

    Shortly before Juliette’s return to the land of cheese and bread, we spent a day walking and swimming in rock pools at the Royal National Park under a perfect blue sky.
    The day was a real Australian experience, far enough from Sydney to make you feel like a French tourist too!
    Quirk of the Week


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