Cheap activities for a great weekend

February 19, 2016
by HelloFresh Get To Know Us

    If pay day is just a little too far off, check out these cheap activities for a winning weekend jam-packed full of action. 


    1. Go on a bushwalk

    It’s still a mystery to us how the majority of bushwalking trails are free. Free I tells ya! With spectacular views and stimulating exercise, they’re like a penthouse apartment and a gym membership rolled into one. It’s no secret that we like a bushwalk here at HelloFresh, our favourites being one with a swim at the end. With walks to suit everyone from the beginners prone to rolling ankles (that’s me) to rugged outdoorsy types, you’d be amazed at the kind of positive mental attitude can be achieved with a little fresh air and the smell of fresh dirt.

    Quirk of the Week

    2. Have a crafternoon

    Weather not behaving itself? Local beer garden flooded? We’ve got what you need. The humble crafternoon has been somewhat relegated to an activity for tiring out hyperactive children on rainy days, but it’s actually a wonderful way to while away the hours and get some pretty handy finished products at the end as well. HelloFresh cardboard coasters

    For loads of crafty ideas made from mostly recycled materials, check out our fun HelloFresh box upcycles!

    3. Reap what you Sow

    growing vegetables

    Start a garden! From a vegetable patch full of herbs and green leaves to a humble house plant, gardening can be a very cheap venture, especially considering the pay off from a well tended pot or plot of land. Veggies and herbs will taste all the sweeter when grown yourself, and even a non flowering indoor succulent has been proven to boost concentration, focus, and leave us feeling happier. Succulents in particular can be easily grown from cuttings, so borrow a leaf from your green fingered friend’s garden or buy a seed packet for a few dollars and get digging!

    4. Reverse that Garbage

    To continue on an upcycling theme, why not turn someone’s trash into your next treasure? Check nearby local councils’ street collection days or hit up op shops or enterprises like Reverse Garbage for furniture that can be revived with a little TLC. Often some sandpaper and varnish or paint are all that’s standing between you and your next beautiful bookshelf or coffee table.


    If you haven’t got a chariot with which to transport a great big pine table, check out the wizardry of Ikea Hackers. Their website specialises in nifty hacks to transform all of your favourite (or not so favourite) Swedish flatpack furniture into amazing one-of-a-kind pieces. Yipee!

    5. Free tea for you and me

    If you’re anything like most of us at HelloFresh HQ, ‘Food’ is a capital letter category and a black hole into which money is inexorably sucked and vanishes without a trace. The warm-mugged comfort of a tea or coffee in a trendy cafe with friends is an all too irresistible luxury on a Saturday, and on a penny pinching weekend before pay day, a huge burden to live without.

    At times like this there’s only one thing to do: make like it’s 1950 and invite everyone around for tea and a biccy at your house! Pop on your favourite Ladysmith Black Mambazo record (other world music is also acceptable) a la a certain massive coffee chain, get the kettle on and ask everyone to bring their favourite slice, cake or biscuit. BOOM. You just made a cafe in your house, and guess what, this cafe is dog friendly and guess what it’s also FREE. Nice one mate. Short on sweet inspiration? Don’t worry boo, we got you.



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