Reuse, refuse and recycle: get to know our favourite waste reducing companies

August 3, 2016
by HelloFresh Get To Know Us

    We all like to do our bit to save the planet, and at HelloFresh, reducing our environmental impact is an important part of what we do. But we are not alone.
    Here are our top 5 waste reducing companies that we love and admire for how they approach recycling, up-cycling and reuse.


    Reverse Garbage

    reverse garbage

    This fantastic not for profit initiative, based in Sydney has been a leading creative reuse centre over 40 years. In fact, it is Australia’s largest. Each year, Reverse Garbage saves approximately 40, 000 cubic metres or 100 football field’s worth of items from entering landfill each year. Everything from textiles to metals, furniture, plastics and electrics are saved, diverted and sold to fund creative sustainability education initiatives. Reverse Garbage is a one stop shop for those who wish to turn trash into education and those who like to snap up a recycled treasure.


    Paper Go Round

    paper making kit

    This small independent company is a favourite as not only do they offer a reliable paper collection and recycling service, they also produce their own paper stock from the collections. And this is not just any paper, its seeded! So once you’re finished with the card, pamphlet or poster, you can plant it in the soil and watch it grow back into a tree! Their paper making kits  That’s a 3 fold recycling process and one that therefore has our vote!



    Australians are among the largest consumers of electronic goods in the world, purchasing over 2.4 million computers a year alone. Computers and ‘e-waste’ are notoriously hard things to recycle and dispose of, which is why TechCollect are so great.  This not for profit national service, will collect and recycle your electronic waste for free, thus reducing the growing environmental impact of this growing waste concern. 


    Recycling Depot Adelaide


    There are many reasons why the City of Churches is a great place to live (and visit). Apart from wineries, fringe festivals and beautiful beaches, Adelaide is one of the only cities in the country where you get rewarded for recycling! Cash for cans has been a successful initiative in South Australia for decades and for every can you drop off at the Recycling Depot, you’ll receive 10 cents.

    The Junk Map


    The Junk Map has been an up-cycling favourite among Melbournians for years and has recently expanded to include listings from all over Australia. The Junk Map’s search function allows you to access a large number of salvage yards, shops even makers to satisfy your reuse fix and connects buyers and sellers directly with those in the know.  Its a handy resource of tips, advice, inspiration and a thriving online community of passionate folks interested in reducing waste (and the online shop is great and oh so tempting!).

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    Anne Barcicki says:

    I would like to know if the white padding material inside the boxes is able to be used for recycle projects like Easter and Christmas. Is it made of harmless material? Also with the freezer bag contents – can it be put onto gardens as a water saver mix or is it harmful to plants ?

    Patricia says:

    I would like to give back the cardboard boxes -is this an option

    Rachel says:

    I’ve just started trying out hello fresh and the biggest thing holding me back from continuing is all the single use packaging that comes with the order! Could be much more eco-friendly.
    I think you should pick up last weeks box, packaging and ice packs when the next box is delivered and reuse them till they become too worn out or at least have a company up-cycle it efficiently.