You’ll always Dish the Delish with Sophie Monk

July 23, 2020
by Helen Tips and Tricks

    Here’s something you can really sink your teeth into… A brand new cooking show called Dish the Delish, hosted by one of Australia’s funniest ladies, Sophie Monk!

    From Marilyn Monroe impersonations in her early acting days to singing in the girl band, Bardot and hosting TV shows, Sophie is no stranger to entertaining us. The difference this time? She’s entertaining us in the kitchen. 

    True to form, Sophie brings the laughs and her self-deprecating humour to the table as she shows us that with an easy-to-follow HelloFresh recipe, fresh, seasonal ingredients and a couple of celebrity friends, she has what it takes to make dinnertime delicious. As Sophie will tell you, while there’s no guarantees in show business, a HelloFresh dinner is a guaranteed success every time. 

    Introducing Sophie’s first guest… Julia Morris! 

    The first guest to join Sophie in the kitchen for Episode One is Aussie comedian Julia Morris. Known for serving up jungle food to celebs, Julia has no trouble rolling up her sleeves and helping Sophie dish up a delicious dinner. 

    Before they get cooking, Sophie is keen to impress Julia with a joke of her own… 

    Why did the jerk chicken seasoning cross the road…? To get to the other thigh of course! 


    Julia teaches Soph a thing or two – for starters, that sweet chilli mayo is used to garnish the dish, not “varnish” the dish as Sophie would say! The dynamic duo manage to bond over always being ‘bikini ready’ and their stand up comedy skills, whilst cooking our mouthwatering Jerk Chicken and Caribbean Couscous with Charred Corn and Coconut Sweet Chilli Mayo recipe.


    They rate the recipe 4 out of 4 stars, which at HelloFresh means that recipe will make it back onto the menu! Sophie loved the flavours of the coconut sweet chilli mayo drizzled over the meal, and Julia liked the subtle smokey aroma the grilled sweet corn gave to the dish. This recipe is just like HelloFresh – a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. 

    Check out the first episode here!

    Introducing Sophie’s second guest…Peter Helliar! 

    Joining Sophie in the kitchen for Episode Two is one of Soph’s favourite Aussie comedians, Peter Helliar. Despite Pete thinking he wasn’t worthy of ‘The Bag With The Golden Sticker’ – AKA the Gourmet recipe – and Soph thinking tarragon was a 7-seater Toyota, the pair still manage to dish up a delicious Gourmet meal, thanks to the help of an easy-to-follow recipe. 

    And delicious it is. It’s been a while since the pair enjoyed a restaurant quality meal, so to celebrate this special occasion, they get dressed up and head to the kitchen to cook our fancy, restaurant quality Fillet Steak with Parmesan Mash and Tarragon Sauce Gourmet recipe. Why go out when they could cook a delicious Gourmet HelloFresh meal at home. 

    This Gourmet recipe is a top-rated meal by fellow Aussie home-cooks, and will be back on the menu in the near future! Pete thinks adding Parmesan to the mash, and premium ingredients like tarragon and eschalots to the irresistibly creamy sauce is what makes this dish extra fancy, and most of all delicious. 

    By upgrading to one of the Gourmet recipes on our menu, you can always dish up delicious restaurant-quality meals for special occasions from the comfort of your own home. 

    Watch Episode Two and stay tuned for more upcoming cooking show episodes where you’re guaranteed a delicious meal and some hilarious celebs.  

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