Enjoy restaurant-quality meals at home with NEW Gourmet Plus recipes

October 5, 2021
by Leila Our Cooking tools

    There’s nothing better than creating a special meal for family and friends. Whether you’re entertaining or simply looking for an extra fancy dinner, our menu has just got even more enticing with our new Gourmet Plus recipes, featuring exclusive proteins and delicious sides. 

    With a range of inspiring flavour combinations like Honey Glazed Moroccan Lamb, Peppercorn Beef Eye Fillet and Sweet & Sour Duck, you’ll discover a new way to cook and create restaurant-quality dishes from home. 

    Can’t wait to find out more about the upcoming recipes? See for yourself! Here are a couple of our favourite Gourmet Plus meals… 

    Peppercorn Beef Eye Fillet with Cherry Glaze & Baby Carrots

    Give tender premium beef eye fillet the love it deserves with a punchy peppercorn coating and luxe cherry glaze. Pair it with some special sides and perhaps a glass of your favourite red and you’re in for a treat!

    Sweet & Sour Duck with Ginger Rice & Sesame Veggies

    Combine rich roasted duck breast with a sweet and sour sauce and you have yourself a dinner that feels delightfully fancy. Complete this delicious dish with fragrant ginger rice, perfect for balancing out the richness.

    These decadent upgrade recipes are available for an additional $7.99 per serve, you can find them on the menu with the ‘Gourmet Plus’ tag. 

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