What to do with leftover chives

July 5, 2016
by HelloFresh Tips and Tricks

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    You know the feeling. The dread you feel when you peer in the crisper and see the creeping brown on the end of that lovely bunch of chives you bought on the weekend and then completely forgot about. At first you might be tempted to just throw the things out, promising to do better next time. And then the guilt, the terrible guilt. But that was the old you! You new you has found this article, and is now about to learn two brilliant ways to extend the life of your chives or herbs, and cut down on your household waste. Nice one. You’re becoming a better person every day.

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    Chive Infused Butter

    Perfect with eggs on toast for a special weekend brunch, or stirred through pan fried mushrooms for an irresistible flavour hit. 

    • 250g butter
    • 25g chives, chopped

    Allow the butter to soften, then use a potato masheror whisk to break it down into a smooth, workable texture. Add the chopped chives and thoroughly mix through.

    Take a rectangle of cling wrap and spread the butter evenly across it. Now roll the butter in the cling film, so that the butter forms a cylindrical shape. Twist the cling wrap at each end to ensure that it is air tight. Refrigerate overnight to set, then keep in the fridge between uses.



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    Chive and Sour Cream Dip

    A little indulgent and very, very good. Serve with veggie crudités like carrot, cucumber and celery for a healthy twist. 

    • 5 tablespoons sour cream
    • 4 tablespoons fresh chives, chopped
    • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
    • 1 pinch salt

    Mix it all ingredients together in a bowl. Chill in the fridge for a couple of hours.


    Would you try making chive butter? What are your favourite herb combinations to try these recipes with? Let us know!

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