Travel around the world in 7 days!

May 1, 2020
by Helen Eat

    Have you dreamt of boarding a plane recently and taking yourself on a foodie adventure to the bright lights of Tokyo or the rolling hills of Tuscany? 

    Well, you’re in luck. The Culinary Team at HelloFresh have suggested seven easy-to-follow international recipes that will see you globetrotting from the comfort of your own kitchen, in no time! 


    Day 1: 

    Travel to America and enjoy some veggie tacos!  

    Did you know Creole BBQ Sauce is a sweet, tangy sauce with a little hint of spice? 

    These eye-catching Creole BBQ Bean Tacos look as good as they taste, we promise! 

    Day 2: 

    Travel to Italy and eat a bowl of creamy gnocchi!  

    Did you know the main ingredient in gnocchi is potato? 

    Pour yourself a vino and cook this Pumpkin Truffle Gnocchi which is simply delicious, especially when it’s been smothered in a cheesy creamy sauce. 

    Day 3: 

    Travel to Korea and tuck into beef bibimbap! 

    Did you know bibimbap translates to “mixed rice with meat and veggies”? 

    Find some chopsticks and enjoy this Korean Beef Bibimbap, a super-popular Korean dish. 

    Day 4: 

    Travel to Mexico and have a fiesta! 

    Did you know “enchilada” is a corn tortilla rolled around a savoury filling covered in a creamy sauce? 

    It’s no surprise that Mexican Beef Enchiladas with Tomato Salsa continue to be a popular dish, the melted cheddar cheese is irresistible. 

    Day 5: 

    Travel to Spain and whip together some paella! 

    Did you know paella is one of the most popular rice dishes in Spain? 

    We promise this fragrant Chicken & Chorizo Paella-Style Rice will please the hungry troops in your household. 

    Day 6: 

    Travel to Thailand and soak up the incredible aromas of a Thai red curry.  

    Did you know Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines because of its strong flavours? 

    We promise these Thai Red Chicken Coconut Noodles have just the right balance of flavour and heat, so all palates will be satisfied! 

    Day 7

    Travel to Greece and enjoy the salty flavour of haloumi. 

    Did you know some people call haloumi “squeaky cheese”? 

    This Cypriot Honey Thyme Haloumi is for those who live for charred grilled veggies. 

    You don’t need to buy a plane ticket, find your passport from the back of the cupboard or pack a suitcase!

    So, where will you travel today?

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