Out-of-the-box ways to upcycle your HelloFresh box! April 24, 2020

by Helen Tips and Tricks

The HelloFresh Team are blown away by how creative children (and parents) have been recently with their HelloFresh boxes. 

We’ve seen boxes repurposed into spaceships, dolls houses, marble runs and even a working from home desk (to help prop a laptop up). 

We’ve tapped into our creative DIY minds and come up with some simple weekend activities to entertain the children. 

What you will need: 

  • Your HelloFresh box 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue 
  • Colourful paper 
  • Colourful pencils/pens or paint

DIY Railway Track 

  1. Cut the bottom quarter of the box off* 
  2. Sticky tape the bottom of the box 
  3. Paint on railway tracks 

DIY Pizza Oven

  1. On the widest side of the box, cut* a semicircle out 
  2. Draw/paint bricks onto the outside of the box 
  3. Use the lid flaps to cut* out the pizza and pizza shovel
  4. Draw/paint pizza toppings onto the pizza  

*Make sure an adult is present when the cutting action is taking place. 


Creative ways our customers have repurposed their HelloFresh boxes


This is the perfect opportunity to let the children unleash their creativity and add their ‘personal touch’ on whichever upcycling box project you wish to do.  

We’d love to see your DIY box projects so be sure to tag #hellofreshau or #hellofreshnz. 

The HelloFresh Team

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