Supplier Spotlight: Hello Argyle

December 16, 2016
by HelloFresh Get To Know Us

    When the invitation arrived at HelloFresh HQ to visit one of our favourite suppliers, we jumped at the chance. Akubra hats in hand, we arrived at the beautiful Argyle Prestige Meats farm to see the sheep and cattle for ourselves.

    It’s around 6 in the morning when soft light starts to break like waves over the hills of Harden, about 4 hours Southwest of Sydney. Hazy and purple at first, by the time the sun’s climbed to its highest point in the sky, bright light washes over like the yellow canola fields that surround you.

    Supplier Spotlight Argyle Meats

    The paddocks are awash with bright green at the moment – the product of heavy rains in spring. Cattle and sheep wander the paddocks lazily, flattening trails in the dense grass underfoot.

    It’s in this picturesque setting that the Graham family first introduced their Argyle cattle breed in the mid 1930s. Four generations later, Lachie Graham is still very much a part of the day to day running of the farm. They really are a family business.

    Thomas Shannon is Argyle’s business manager, splitting his time between Harden and Sydney. He explains; “This is about as true as you can get when you’re talking about a paddock to plate experience.” From raising their animals to working with the recipe team HelloFresh to find the perfect produce to go in our boxes, Argyle are passionate about every step of the process.

    Supplier Spotlight Argyle Meats

    It’s their approach to quality and their local family owned business that first drew HelloFresh to working with Argyle Prestige Meats. It’s a partnership that has grown from strength to strength as HelloFresh has spread further and further around Australia, and doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon.

    Supplier Spotlight Argyle Meats

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    Laura says:

    I was just wondering how is the produce from the farms transported to Hello Fresh?