A “Skewered” by Celeste Barber Recap – Episode 1 & 2

May 17, 2019
by Rose Eat

    In case you hadn’t heard, we’ve been having some fun in the kitchen recently with none other than Aussie mum turned Instagram sensation (and beyond!), Celeste Barber.

    Celeste AKA Australia’s Queen of Parody, at the time of writing, boasts more than 5.7 million followers on Instagram alone. To put that in context for you; that’s more than a fifth of the population of Australia!

    Celeste teamed up with HelloFresh to launch our very own comedy cooking series – Skewered!  The ingredients cop a roasting, as do the guests!

    skewered celeste barber

    All jokes aside, research tells us more than half of Aussies (54%) feel that cooking for their family can sometimes be more stressful than going to work! It’s not just the pepper that feels the grind in the kitchen, as it turns out… As a self-confessed terrible cook, Celeste joined us to skewer the myth that dinner has to be difficult and to help Aussies get their cooking mojo back.

    In each episode, Celeste invites a celebrity pal into the kitchen to help cook an easy-to-prepare and delicious meal from HelloFresh. However, as mentioned, dinnertime as a chore is not the only thing skewered on the show; the celebs are in for a grilling too, putting some fun back into the kitchen.

    Here’s a quick recap of the first two episodes; which one’s your favourite?

    Episode One: Alex Perry

    “Do you reckon that lamb weighs more than some models that you dress?”

    Iconic Australian fashion designer Alex Perry was Celeste’s first guest in the kitchen. The two cook up our Spiced Lamb Rump and Parsley Yoghurt with Cauliflower Pearl Couscous & Pomegranate Seeds and prove that – even while being pestered about the botox in your forehead – anyone can cook a Gourmet, restaurant quality meal in the comfort of their own home.

    Tune in for the hilarious barbs the two trade back and forth with each other, stay for handy tips like resting your cooked lamb on a chopping board when fresh out of the oven, as the heat contained within will keep cooking the lamb while you finish preparing the scrumptious sides.

    Couscous in the panpan, anyone?

    skewered celeste barber

    Episode Two: Elyse Knowles

    “If this modelling thing doesn’t work out for you, you could totally be a cook!”

    It’s the Skewered Swimsuit Special here! Well, for Celeste, anyway… Bikini-babe Elyse Knowles takes a break from being a mega model to join Celeste in the kitchen, though Celeste is none too pleased that their outfits co-ordinate on leopard print and not swimwear. Celeste is pleased, however, to be cooking a genuine crowd-pleaser in Cheat’s Beef & Corn Enchiladas with Yoghurt & Salad Greens. So easy to make, even a model (or more pressingly, Celeste) could do it!

    Life is about balance, as is a wholesome diet! So, while these two balance looking fab and being a bogan, they’re cooking enchiladas one night and salmon and veggies the next with HelloFresh! And these meals are delicious and easy to make; so rarely is Celeste so impressed by her own cooking! Or the cooking done for her by someone else…

    Just don’t mention the Hot Husband!

    skewered celeste barber

    Stay tuned for more upcoming episodes with great guests, cracking jokes and dinner myths debunked!

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