5 foods you can regrow from scraps! February 18, 2015

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Sick of throwing away those leftovers? Want to make good use of your veggies?

All you have to do is regrow them! We’ve chosen 5 common foods that you can easily regrow from scraps at home. Check them out below.

1. Pineapple


Grow these prickly friends at home by chopping the top off, popping in some toothpicks, and placing it over a container filled with water and in direct sunlight. Fill the water so that it just touches the base of the pineapple top. Once roots begin to form, transfer to potting soil – it’s that easy!

2. Herbs 

Herbs_Bouquet_shutterstock_107066849 (2)

Enjoy fresh herbs like basil and coriander at home. Simply collect a stem approximately 10cm long of your desired herb, place in a glass of water (ensure the leaves are above the water) and place in a bright area (out of direct sunlight is best). Once roots begin to form, transfer into a pot and wait for your beautiful herbs to grow.

3. Lemon


Collect, clean, and dry the seeds of a lemon. Plant the seeds in nutrient rich soil and then test your patience – it can take a couple of years for your lemon tree to bare fruit!

4. Ginger


Plant a piece of spare ginger in potting soil with the buds facing up. Once new shoots and roots appear (this will take about a week), pull it up and use it again!

5. Chillies


Simply collect the leftover seeds of your chillies, plant them, and place in direct sunlight. These babies grow quickly and don’t require much care at all!

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