5 easy lamb recipes to make dinners simple this summer

December 21, 2023
by Christina Eat

    Despite being beloved among Aussies, lamb is often put into the ‘too hard’ basket when it comes to weeknight cooking. But we love eating tender, blushing lamb any day of the week, and we’re here to prove the naysayers wrong! Keep reading to discover five delicious yet easy lamb recipes you’ll want to add to your weekly cooking repertoire.

    Easy lamb recipe with slices of roasted lamb topped in a sichuan glaze and with a slaw salad on the side

    Sichuan-Glazed Roast Lamb Rump

    with Creamy Slaw & Crispy Shallots

    What happens when you take lamb rump and roast it up with Asian-inspired fusion flavours? Magic! In this easy lamb recipe, Sichuan glaze raises classic roast lamb to new heights with pops of fragrant, peppery flavour notes. It’s paired with creamy slaw topped with crispy shallots for extra freshness.

    Easy lamb recipe with slices of roasted lamb leg, carrots and green beans garnished with feta crumbles and almond slivers

    Rosemary & Caramelised Onion Lamb Leg

    with Roast Veggies, Green Beans & Fetta-Almond Sprinkle

    Fancy-ing up your dinner for a special occasion is simple with lamb! In this delicious dish, juicy lamb rump, oozing with a caramelised onion and rosemary marinade, is a total standout. With a side of crispy potato wedges, bright veggies, fetta and almonds, it’s a flavour explosion fit for even the classiest restaurants – yet perfect for your humble dinner table.

    easy lamb recipe with pink slices of lamb drizzled in a creamy curry sauce, on a bed of carrot and spinach veggies

    Lamb Rump & Mumbai Coconut Sauce

    with Roast Veggie Medley

    This easy lamb recipe has got it all: a colourful medley of wholesome veg, an Indian-inspired and flavour-packed sauce and, of course, mouth-watering roast lamb. Best of all, you can bring it all together in four simple steps — talk about the perfect weeknight dinner!

    easy lamb recipe with tender slices of meat, covered in a bright green chimichurri sauce and with roasted veggies and salad on the side

    Roast Lamb Rump & Salsa Verde

    with Spiced Potatoes & Lemony Slaw

    Roast lamb with all the classic trimmings has never been this easy or delicious. With sides of golden, spiced potatoes, a zingy salsa verde and crunchy slaw, you get all your favourite bits in one plate. We guarantee you’ll be craving seconds.

    easy lamb recipe with a luxurious cut of backstrap topped with green sauce and paired with a green salad and sweet potato wedges

    Seared Lamb Backstrap & Rosemary Butter

    with Roast Sweet Potato, Kale & Fetta Salad

    There’s a lot to love in this easy lamb recipe, from the rich, succulent meat to the warm and hearty salad. In combination, these ingredients boast the perfect balance of sweet, savoury and earthy flavours. The fresh rosemary-infused brown butter adds a nutty depth, and a scattering of creamy fetta brings it all together for a winning dinner.

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