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January 3, 2017
by HelloFresh Get To Know Us
    Everybody meet Steph. Steph, this is everyone! Now that the introductions are done, let’s sit down with one of HelloFresh’s recipe developers to find out what makes her tick.
     Steph HelloFresh recipe developer
    Why did you first get involved in cooking and nutrition?
    I have always had a fascination with food. I used to spend my Saturday afternoons watching cooking programs and I’d rush home after school to catch Huey’s Cooking Adventures. For me food has always been a way to spoil my friends and family and I loved watching their faces light up when I present them with a delicious meal. I feel so fortunate that it progressed into a career.
    As for the nutrition side of things, it wasn’t until I reached uni and had serious digestive issues related to stress that I learnt my diet could be the cause. I started to combine my love of cooking and my vague understanding of nutrition and realised how powerful food could be for the body. The experience opened up a whole new can of beans, (excuse the pun!) and I decided to study nutritional medicine, so that I could help people in the same boat as me.
    Has cooking always been a part of your life?
    Yes, apart from a strange segue into fashion that ended up nowhere (phew!), my love of cooking has alway been a huge part of my life.
    How would you describe your food ethos?
    Eat whole, real foods that have been prepared with love and thought and make you feel truly good from the inside out.
    What’s your favourite meal to whip up at home?
    Simplicity is paramount for me! After a long day in the kitchen I’ll often put together some turmeric roast veggies with crispy skinned salmon and wilted spinach. If I’m disciplined enough to plan ahead I love to slow cook a lamb shoulder and serve it with some homemade minted yoghurt and salad.
    Can you tell us the best meal you’ve ever eaten? Where were you?
    Definitely Aquacotta in Florence, Italy. I was travelling last summer and in search of some amazing home cooked Italian food. The family-run restaurant was down a hidden street and I chose the wild boar ragout with homemade pappardelle. It is the best pasta I’ve ever eaten. The red wine didn’t go down too badly either!
    Cheese or chocolate?
    Anyone that knows me, or has access to my second drawer at work is aware that I’m a dark chocolate fiend!
    What’s the one thing about cooking everyone should know?
    Tasting your food in the pan as you go is key. Sometimes a recipe can’t replace your chef-y intuition and if you feel like something needs more salt, pepper or spice then go right ahead and add it.
    What would your last meal on earth be?
    I wouldn’t be able to narrow it down to a single dish! Probably a big Lebanese feast with plenty of hummus, baba ganoush, falafel and warm bread, or mum’s lentil lasagne.
    Steph HelloFresh recipe developer
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    Tracy Halfpenny says:

    Could you please tell me if ingredients are organic and what do I do if Im gluten free…do you make provision for this?