The HF Guide: Cheap Eats, Sydney CBD

January 16, 2017
by Rose Get To Know Us

    The days are starting to get longer, and in cities around the country, startled office workers are leaving work for the day in… can it be… sunlight?

    The extra hours of sunlight are the perfect opportunity to grab a cheap meal after work and enjoy the end of the day. Beginning with Sydney, we’re scouring the central districts of cities around Australia to find their best easy-on-the-wallet dinners. Cheap Eats Sydney CBD, you’re up!

    Chinese Noodle House

    8 Quay St, Haymarket


    Photo: The Screaming Artichoke

    Located in bustling China Town, Chinese Noodle House if nothing if not unassuming from the outside. Food arrives and is devoured in a matter of moments, so don’t be put off by a line at the door. The terrifyingly efficient staff may even bring you some plastic cups to get started on your wine while you wait for a seat.

    Jostled inside between wall tapestries of woodland scenes and plastic ivy and Christmas baubles hanging from the roof, experts* suggest getting the hand sliced noodles, braised eggplant and as many plates of dumplings as you dare. With a menu heaving with tasty vegetarian options, and a price point of about $8 per person (yes, really) this is cheap eats at its crowd pleasing best.

    Bill & Toni’s

    74 Stanley St, Darlinghurst

    Photo: TimeOut

    Photo: TimeOut

    Walking up the stairs from Bill & Toni’s cafe on Stanley St to the restaurant above is like travelling back to a by-gone era. Fresh sheets of butcher’s paper line the tables, and boxes of crayons to deface them are happily handed out to kids and big kids alike.

    Very reasonably priced pasta and schnitzel combos are supplemented with free dressed iceberg lettuce and cordial, but the standout dish has to be the Osso Bucco – cooked for hours to melt-in-your-mouth tomatoey perfection.

    Medusa Greek Meze

    Shop 4/31 Market Street, Sydney and 111 York St, Sydney


    We could have a whole list of delicious gyros places, and it’s a food that impassions people no end. That’s an intense argument for another day, but for Sydney CBD cheap eats, Medusa Greek Meze delivers. In spades. With two locations on Market St and York St, Medusa boasts a menu full of easy to like gyros, meze options and a selection Greek sweets you might not have tried before.

    If you’re facing bacon and egg roll fatigue, make sure to pop by for one of their Greek inspired breakfasts.

    Malibu Sydney

    Shop 1, 62 Foster Street, Surry Hills

    Photo: Trip Advisor

    Photo: Trip Advisor

    If you’ve heard of the mythical Malibu Sydney, you know what we’re about to say next. If not, there’s really only one point to get across: this will be the largest sandwich you have ever ordered in your life, and it will only cost around $11.

    Every salad filling here is super sized; serves of avocado are incredibly generous, the roasted Roma tomatoes never anaemic, boiled chicken and potato salad options are lovingly prepared fresh in store. Don’t neglect condiments like herby mayonnaise or tonnes of hummus, and we really can’t stress this enough; this really is enough food for two people/lunch and dinner. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    Satang Tuck Shop

    710-722 George St, Haymarket


    Photo: True Local

    Satang ticks all the boxes for cheap eats. Wonky plastic tables, a relaxed attitude to BYO, well priced food and a huge variety of options perfect for sharing. They nail the classic Thai favourites; think saucy Pad See Ew and Pad Thai and fresh, zingy Thai Beef Salad. The seafood here is a real standout, and the spiciness factor is definitely there for chilli seekers. Bring your cash and prepare to share – you won’t be able to pick just one dish!

    Have a recommendation for a cheap eats spot? Let us know in the comments!



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