5 Times HelloFresh Reinvented Aussie Dinner Favourites

January 19, 2017
by HelloFresh Our Recipes

    For being a cultural hodgepodge with a swathe of wide and varied cuisines, Aussies sure do have some favourites when it comes to dinner.

    There might be some more variety in that list than the greatest hits of Spain or England, but the same meals on rotation inevitably becomes boring. Knowing this, the dedicated recipe developers in the HelloFresh kitchen are always trying to find new twists on classic Aussie dinner favourites. Here are 5 times they reinvented classic meals, to spectacular effect.

    1. Spaghetti Bolognese

    lentil rigatone bolognese

    There was no way spaghetti bolognese wasn’t going to end up on this list, was there? Although ragù alla bolognese is actually a rich pasta sauce made with often veal of pork, cooked low and slow until the meat tenderises and breaks down, the Aussie version has always been bulked out with beef mince. Since it first appeared in the Australian Women’s Weekly as ‘Spaghetti Bolognaise’ in 1952 (we have no idea why the Weekly opted for the French spelling), Aussies have seasoned beef mince with gusto and Worcestershire sauce aplenty. Swapping out mince for lentils created a silky rich sauce with plenty of protein and an amazing depth of flavour, and rigatoni is a lovely alternative to run of the mill spaghetti. Vegetarian friendly, with a heartiness confirmed meat eaters will love too.


    2. The Steak Sandwich

    chipotle steak sandwich

    The ubiquitous steak sanga has been gracing pub menus and suburban dinner tables for years. Unfortunately, it also gave rise to more than one soggy Wonderwhite confection filled with grizzly grey meat and not much flavour. Enter chipotle, stage left. With the sweet smokiness infusing mayonnaise and charred red capsicum, this twist on the humble steak sandwich couldn’t be more delicious.


    3. Chicken Breast and Mash


    Australians enjoy a huge amount of chicken breast every year – it’s one of our favourite proteins. Battling blandness at every turn, the HelloFresh recipe developers added a moist, flavoursome stuffing of fetta and spinach to the beloved breast. Instead of mashed potatoes, vibrant sweet potato (arguably Australia’s favourite veg of the last few years) fits the bill nicely.


    4. Burgers with Beetroot

    bucking beef beetroot burgers

    The image of a huge crimson slab on beetroot on a beef burger is about as Aussie as getting your sunburnt bum stuck to a vinyl car seat (although a lot more enjoyable we’ll admit). While the taste of an enormous cold slice of tinned beetroot may not be the most sophisticated of flavours, these bucking beef burgers with homemade beetroot relish certainly are. We’ve also ditched the chip shop chippies with sweet potato fries, a reflection of changing Australian tastes if ever there was one.

    5. Roast Lamb


    The HelloFresh take on the Aussie lamb roast is a winning meal with a modern twist. We’ve kept the lamb leg steaks simple to let the flavour of the quality meat shine, but we’ve added cheese and texture to the accompanying vegetables that we know you’ll love.

    Want more reinvented classics?

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    David and Lesley Buxton says:

    We’ve had Hello Fresh meals (on hold for a while), and have kept menu cards and every now and again we revert to your wonderful recipes. This email with old favourites with a twist, have us looking at the empty fridge and finding dinner from nothing.
    Keep up with your fabulous menus, and we will keep to big Al’s saying with “I’ll be back”!

    david says:

    Just what a single man needs, recipe ideas.