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A wheat free Anzac biscuit recipe

Eat April 23, 2018

This update of the traditional Anzac biccie is a zesty take on an old favourite. Of course we love to include our friends with special food requirements, so this wheat free Anzac biscuit recipe is extra special.

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Leonie Macnaughtan says:

This recipe is NOT gluten free because it had oats. In Australia, gluten free is recognised in wheat, rye, barley and oats.

Greer says:

Hi Leonie,

We’ve amended this recipe now to reflect that it is wheat free. We can also highly recommend gluten free oats for this recipe if oats aren’t appropriate for your dietary requirements. Thanks for pointing that out!

Cath M says:

Rolled oats are not gluten free. This is a wheat free recipe.

Sarah says:

This must be an American recipe. In Australia rolled oats are not a gluten free ingredient. Please don’t make these biscuits for someone who is celiac as it will make them very ill. ?

Oats are NOT gluten free! I recommend you research Australian regulations and advice about the Gluten Free Diet. Including oats in a recipe you refer to as Gluten Free is misleading, wrong and potentially harmful to those who require a gluten free diet for medical reasons.

I refer you to Coeliac Australia, where you can get advice to prevent you from making errors such as this in the future. Please do not continue to spread misinformation through ignorance. It is enough of a challenge to anyone newly diagnosed to follow a gluten free diet without the constant bombardment of inappropriate recipes and inaccurate information from sources one would expect to know better.

Greer says:

Hi Kirsty,

We understand oats may or may not be tolerated by different people with coeliac disease, and we’ve amended our recipe to state that it is wheat free accordingly. Thanks for getting in touch.

Susan says:

Made these today for Anzac Day. They tasted good but took about 30 minutes to cook at that temp rather than the 10 – 15 suggested in the recipe.

Thanks for the recipe.

It’s going to be finish of mine day, however before ending I am reading this fantastic piece of
writing to improve my knowledge.

Rosemarie says:

Anzac biscuit def a goer

Christina says:

These were excellent, wheat free anzac biscuits. Will be my go-to from now on.

I used my thermomix – melted/mixed the butter, golden syrup, bi-carb and brown sugar, 37 degrees, reverse speed spoon,abut 8 minutes until it was glossy. Then mixed the coconut flour, almond meal, rolled oats, coconut, speed 4 x 30 seconds. Easy.

Doolan says:

Best ever…And I have tried 20 different recipes….so so perfect..

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Caitlin says:

who knew Marscapone was such a fatty dairy queen!? (not me). beautiful breakdown, and good to know.

Lynne says:

Thank you interesting facts.

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Julie says:

Looking for good low GI foods and snacks for insulin resistance diet

Tina jensen says:

I love savoury snacks. I will definately try the Edamame! Sounds yummy.

Kiri says:

I am more of a savoury snacks type although in saying that, I do like a good moist chocolate brownie 😊

Rachel says:

Would love to see a snack box add on! Just like the main meals, ingredients and cards for things we can make for lunch boxes, while cooking dinner.

Kym Higgins says:

Love your ideas for snacks, I enjoy both savory and sweet. Your brownie recipe looks really tasty and I will definitely be trying it. I’m looking for the gluten free low carb options for health reasons. Have you thought to add snacks to your menu options for customers to purchase?

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mike says:

your article is very good. I can’t wait to try it at home. Thank you for sharing the recipe with me. I’m waiting for your next article.

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This was a detailed post I will personally try making some smoked salmon. I will try the dish in all the 6 ways you have mentioned. I hope atleast one of them will be tasty. Lol. Keep writing. I will let you know if I am able to do justice to your recipe. 🙂

Val Rogers says:

These recipes sound gorgeous – really looking forward to trying them out. Particularly loved the idea of the cucumber, brie & smoked salmon which is perfect for savouries that are a little different. Thanks Hello Fresh!

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1 comment

sylvie says:

Yum!!!! thank you.

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