A Leafy Green Table Setting to Warm Up Your Winter

June 30, 2017
by HelloFresh Tips and Tricks

    Leaf Green Table


    Flowers? Yeah, I guess. But it’s 2017! It’s a brave new world out there and your table deserves better.

    Yep, it’s winter, and things are feeling a little dark and dismal. We’re still eagerly waiting for the flowers to bloom signalling spring, but that doesn’t mean your dinner table should be all doom and gloom!

    Why not dress up your table with some evergreens? Palms fronds and tropical greens all make the perfect cheerful centrepiece for a meal, and they last longer than most flowers too! Sweet!

    What Leaves Should I Pick?

    • Swiss Cheese Leaves
    • Philodendron Leaves
    • Fern Leaves
    • Aralia Leaves
    • Mini Palm Leaves

    How to Create Your Very Own Jungle Table



    1. Grab some glass jars, jugs or vases

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any fancy vases. Just grab around 10 – 12 jars, jugs or vases, fill them with water and arrange them in the middle of your table as a kind of centrepiece, ready  for the greenery. If you’ve got a particular colour scheme in your dining room, you could choose a colour of jar that compliments this – like blue or green in our case. If not, just go for classic colourless glass.

    2. Buy some leaves or snip them from your garden

    If you’re lucky enough to have a garden with some lovely tropical looking leaves in it, you could just get your secateurs out. But if like many of us, you don’t have a garden – florists love a bit of tropical foliage, so no doubt you’ll be able to get some nice stems there for your special event.

    3. Lay your table

    Lay your table like you normally would – we’d recommend either going for a nice plain white setting, with white plates and napkins, which can contrast the greens nicely. Or choose a strong colour that reminds you of a more tropical vibe like a mustard yellow or a fuchsia and get some napkins or a tablecloth that’ll really pop against the tropical leaves.

    4. Cut your leaves to different heights

    To give your centrepiece a luscious, natural look, make sure you cut to your leaves to different heights – a couple of really tall ones in some taller jars, and  some medium height ones and then one or two shorter ones. This will really give it a more luscious feel – after all Mother Nature doesn’t grow her plants to the same height… so if you want your own little table jungle, you’ve got to make it authentic.

    5. Pop them in your jars & add to centrepiece

    And you’re done! Now all you have to do is cook up a storm for your guests – and we’re sure that’ll come naturally to you with your HelloFresh box and all your HelloFresh recipes.

    Tip: If you’re more into flowers than plants, you could also choose a selection of flowers and place them in their own jars like this. Why not pick flowers with all different shades of one colour. Or you could choose some complimentary colours and mix them together: yellow and purples, reds and greens, blues and orange. Or just pick your favourite colours!

    Green table setting

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