The HelloFresh Oscars 2016

February 29, 2016
by HelloFresh Get To Know Us

    In honour of the 88th Academy Awards, we present the nominees for the HelloFresh Oscars 2016: our favourite foodie moments in film as presented by the team at HelloFresh HQ!


    Leon, our product officer, repping for the team!

    So without further ado, may the awards commence!

    The HelloFresh Oscars 2016 – let’s hear the nominees

    Name: Bobby
    What do you do? project liaison and IT ambassador, but everything really! I’m a fixer.
    Why the nomination? Well, I’m a South Carolina native and have actually eaten at the original restaurant Bubba Shrimp’s is based on! I thought I had better throw this ode to shrimp into the mix to get in touch with my Southern roots.

    Name: Gus
    What do you at HF? Head of supply chain and logistics, and Swedish ambassador (I’ve been in Australia for seven years now).
    Why the Godfather? It’s just cool isn’t it? I’m a bit of a gangster myself, and I love the way even these cool guys take the time to learn how to make a proper pasta because I love pasta.

    Introduce yourself: I’m Miche!
    What’s your bag, Miche? I’m a nutritionist and work in quality assurance here at HF.
    Why did you choose this movie? Hook is so fun! I love the way the kids use their imagination to make the colourful mousse come to life. It’s exactly the kind of feast you’d imagine as a kid, and of course you’d also imagine throwing the food everywhere and making a huge mess.

    – As a side note, how good are Miche’s guns? What an athlete. 

    What’s your name? Jen!
    Hiya Jen. What’s your role at HF? I’m the procurement officer here, so basically I order all the food every week!
    Wow – that’s a job. So why Goodfellas? Well, this scene is all about how well the gangsters eat even in prison. One of them chops up garlic with a razor blade so he can get it as thin as he can. And even though they’re in jail, they manage to have fresh food and even wine delivered to them. You’ve got to admire their commitment to freshness.

    Hi! Hi, I’m Nils
    What’s your role at HF? I’m the logistics intern
    This is one of our favourites. Why did you pick Lady and the TrampIt’s a classic, and so romantic. But also it’s hilarious to imagine that happening in real life – a chef who thinks he can talk to dogs and then serenades them? In a back alley full of rubbish? It makes me laugh so much. The lady dog is really pretty too. Is that weird?

    Hello there, what’s your name? I’m Viv!
    Nice to meet you Viv. What do you do at HelloFresh? I’m the girl to go to for all things HR.
    We notice you have a sorting hat on. Any special reason? Harry Potter! I love all of the films so much, and the feasts at Hogwarts at the beginning and end of the year have got to be some of the most delicious meals ever captured on film. Seriously.

    Name: Marine
    And what’s your role? I’m a French intern in the marketing team
    Ooh la la! So you know all about cultural differences like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Absolutely. This scene makes me laugh because another one of the Frenchies in our team, Alex, would definitely make lamb for a vegetarian. He lives to eat meat!

    Who’s that behind the blackboard? It’s me, Kate!
    Oh, hi Kate! We’ve met you before, but remind us what you do. I’m a recipe and kitchen assistant, an unofficial provider of vegan chocolate treats to the office.
    This is a classic scene. It really is. I think everyone’s seen this, even if they haven’t seen the whole film. I think it’s hilarious, but in Sydney with our considerable food envy, it takes on a whole new funny meaning.

    So, who’s the winner?

    Geoff, head of logistics, will present the award for Best Foodie Moment in Film

    Geoff, head of logistics, will present the award for Best Foodie Moment in Film

    Lady and the Tramp
    – Spaghetti at Bella Notte

    Cute animals, delicious Italian food, romance – this scene has got it all. The HelloFresh Academy chose this for pure icon status – everyone remembers that kiss at the end of a strand of spaghetti.


    Lady, Tramp, come down here and accept your award! What’s that? They’ve left to go eat some pasta out the back? Well, we can’t say we blame them.

    Happy Oscars everybody!

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