The 3 Easiest Halloumi Recipes

October 16, 2017
by HelloFresh Eat

    Halloumi – it’s a cheese, but you can cook it? What?! We think we’re in love… In honour of our infatuation, here are three super quick and easy halloumi recipes, perfect for warmer weather.

    1. Moroccan Spiced Halloumi with Tabbouleh and Mint Raita

    This is one of those meals we just want to eat everyday for a week. It’s easy, tasty and super colourful. Happiness in every bite!

    2. Mexican Tomato Jumble with Spiced Citrus Halloumi

    This Mexican Jumble is all about the interplay of savoury, sweet and sour. Tangy fresh citrus, caramel roasted sweet potato and rich umami cherry tomatoes and halloumi. This might just be the king of easy weeknight halloumi recipes.

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    3. Roasted Butternut Squash and Halloumi Jumble

    After much consideration (and a broken vegetable peeler), we’ve decided to change our butternut squash peeling technique. Our recommendation is to chop the squash in half widthways to separate the top from the bulb at the bottom. Next use your knife to level off the edges (which will also take off the skin). Much easier!

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