Paprika & Lemon Chicken with Potato Salad

June 23, 2014
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    Zesty and full of flavour, this chicken dish is deliciously sweet while tantalizingly naughty.

    Paprika and lemon chicken with potato salad

    Ingredients for two people

    1 tspsweet paprika
    1lemon, zested & juiced
    350 gchicken breast fillets
    400 gpotatoes, washed & quartered
    100 ggreen beans, top & tailed
    1red onion, sliced
    1 small handfulmint, finely chopped
    1 tspred wine vinegar

    Hellofresh recipe

    For the chicken

    Mix the paprika, lemon zest and juice, and the olive oil together with salt and pepper. Rub the marinade into the chicken fillets and set aside while you prepare the salad.
    Heat a pan to medium-high heat and cook the chicken for 4-5 minutes per side, The cooking time will depend on the thickness of the chicken (it’s really not good raw!).

    For the salad

    Meanwhile bring a full pot of salted water to the boil and put in the potatoes, boil for 13 minutes or until soft when you pierce them with a fork. Add the beans to the water and cook together for 2 minutes, drain and place in a bowl. Add some oil, the red onion, mint, and vinegar and toss to combine.

    To serve

    Once the chicken is cooked through serve with the potato salad.

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