Olive Stuffed Chicken Breast with Greek Butter Bean Salad

November 19, 2014
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     We’re sure you’ll love whipping up this hands on number and enjoy gobbling it down even more!


    Ingredients for two people

    2 filletschicken breast
    80 gkalamata olives, roughly chopped
    100 gcheddar cheese, thinly sliced
    1/4 cupflour
    1egg, whisked (substitute with 80ml milk)
    50 gPanko breadcrumbs
    1 tinbutter beans, drained & rinsed
    1cucumber, diced
    1tomato, diced
    1 handfulparsley, roughly chopped
    2 tbsbalsamic vinegar

    Hellofresh recipe

    Preheat the oven to 180ºC.

    For the chicken

    Using a small, sharp knife, cut a slit in one side of the chicken breast, to form a pocket. See the picture below. Divide olives and cheddar among pockets and secure with tooth picks. Place flour, egg and bread crumbs into separate bowls. Dip chicken into flour to coat, then egg and finally the crumbs.

    On a lined baking tray, cook the chicken for 15 minutes or until the crumbs are golden and the chicken is cooked through (it’s really not good raw!).

    For the salad

    Place the butter beans, cucumber, tomato, parsley, and vinegar in a bowl. Toss to combine.

    To serve

    Place the gooey chicken goodness along with the fresh salad!


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