Knife Tips!

December 24, 2014
by hellofreshau

    Follow these simple knife tips for an easy, quick, and safe cooking experience.

    1. The proper way to hold a knife when you’re chopping is by choking up on the handle and making sure you have a firm grip on the blade between your thumb and forefinger, as shown below:

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    2. For the non-cutting hand use a “bear claw” grip.  Think of cupping your fingers into the letter “c” shape or holding an egg.  With your fingers curled back towards your thumb (and your thumb curled behind your fingers), rest your knuckles against the blade as a guide, as shown below:

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    3. For food items that are round, chop off the top and the bottom ends (this is also known as topping and tailing) to make a flat side that you can then rest on the cutting board for more control.

    4. A few other helpful tips:  Always carry a knife at your side, with the tip pointing towards the floor.  Stand while you cut.  Always cut on a cutting board. To keep the cutting board from slipping, place the cutting board on top of a damp towel.

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