Festive Foodie Ideas!

December 22, 2014
by hellofreshau

    Looking for some last minute Christmas snack ideas? We’ve scoured the internet and found a number of winning recipes! Check them out below. 

    1. Cheese, Chilli, & Broccoli Trees

    cheese stick

    From Little Food Juntion

    2. Strawberry Santa

    strawberry santa

    From Tisl Style

    3. Brownies in cookie cutters

    brownie better

    From Betty Crocker.

    4. Grinch Fruit Skewers


    From HelloFresh

    7. Reindeer Sandwich

    reindeer sandwich

    From Little Nummies

    6. Minty serving tray

    peppermint serving tray christmas

    From J. Sorelle

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