How to Peel an artichoke

February 24, 2016
by HelloFresh Our Cooking tools

    Mastering the art of how to peel an artichoke is a skill akin to Daenerys Targaryen hatching a dragon egg in the ashes of an enormous bonfire. i.e. you will know be able to turn an armoured ovaloid into a prized treasure, and you’ll look super powerful and great while doing it.

    So grab a serrated knife, a small paring knife, a spoon and let’s get to work!


    Think of artichokes as flowers (they’re actually from the thistle family); they have a stem, inner and outer petals and a core. At the core are small strands that should be removed to expose the artichoke heart, which is just as delicious as the yellow inner petals. With a knife (serrated is easiest), lop of the top of the artichoke so that you can see the layers of petals, and so the top ‘thorn’ (yikes!) is removed. Still with us? Great, you’re nearly there.

    Break off outer petals

    Break off outer petals

    The next step is to break off the green outer petals, using a paring knife if you need a hand removing them. Now we’re getting to theĀ heartĀ of the matter, if you will. You are doing really well, and your hair looks amazing! Like, even better than the Mother of Dragons! Go you.

    Scoop out core

    Scoop out core

    Grab that spoon, because it’s time to deal with the choke. Don’t be afraid to use the full strength of the house of Targaryen to remove all of the pulpy, fluffy strands. What you’re left holding? That’s the heart, baby.

    how to peel an artichoke

    Rub with lemon juice

    Finally, liberally apply lemon juice to avoid the hearts discolouring.

    Now that you’ve mastered the art of preparing a fresh artichoke, the rest is a breeze! Artichoke hearts can be enjoyed raw or cooked in all manner of recipes, some of our favourites being artichoke bruschetta, roasted artichoke with chicken or marinated hearts in oil.

    Yours is the House of Artichoke, and your words are: “Ours is the Deliciousness!” Fare thee well, intrepid kitchen traveller.


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