How To: Chilli Prep!

August 26, 2014
by hellofreshau Our Cooking tools

    Chillies enjoy heating up our box, and your palates, nearly every week – so we thought we’d share some tips on chilli prep!

    chilli 5

    These babies originated in Central America but have spread their delicious flavour to nearly all corners of the culinary world. The spiciest part of these fruits is actually in their seeds – so if you can’t handle the heat be warned!

    Omitting these seeds can be a bit of a hassle, but this how-to will definitely make the process quick and easy. As an added bonus, using the HelloFresh method you don’t actually touch the inside of the chilli. This ensures that accidentally rubbing your eye and feeling the not-so-sweet burn for the next 24 hours is a thing of the past!

    Without further ado, here’s what we suggest:

    Step 1: Firmly roll the chilli between your hands to loosen the seeds. 

    chilli 1

    Step 2: Slice off the head of the chilli. 

    chilli 2

    Step 3: Shake out the seeds

    chilli 3

    Step 4: Slice as pictured and you’re good to go!

    chilli 4

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