How to Boil the Perfect Egg. Every Time. We Mean It.

May 2, 2017
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    Whether you’re looking for a gooey yolk to dunk ya soldiers or you’re about to get oeuf with a salade niçoise, we’ve got the perfect way to boil an egg just the way you like.

    how to boil the perfect egg

    So, You Think You Can Boil An Egg?

    Well, yeah. You probably can. But can you replicate your definition of boiled egg perfection every time? You know, that one time you did it perfectly without trying for breakfast that one time when it was just you at home and you couldn’t believe how brilliantly you’d nailed it. Little bit more tricky, isn’t it? At least, it was for us until we discovered this amazing trick. Not only is it the foolproof way to cook an egg to anything from full runny to hardboiled scotch or devilled egg candidates, but it’s hands off. All you need is a timer and something better to do (toast for example). Pretty good, huh?

    5 Steps To Cooking The Perfect Egg

    1. Place as many eggs as you’ll require into an empty pot.
    2. Pour cold water over the eggs so they are covered.
    3. Bring to a good rolling boil (basically, you want to see bubbles galore on that sucker).
    4. Remove the pot from the heat, choose which egg in the photo above looks perfect to you, and leave the eggs in for the amount of time indicated.
    5. When your time is up, plunge the eggs into cold water and enjoy however you like!

    Make sure you don’t skip the plunging into cold water step – it’s important to quickly stop the cooking process, but while the eggshell will become cool enough to handle, you can rest assured your egg inside will still be nice and hot.

    how to boil the perfect egg

    Now you’ve got the technique down, why not try our ultimate hangover breakfast with boiled eggs? No judgement here.

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