Get a house plant and start feeling happier

January 13, 2016
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    These house plants are perfect for busy people, and aren’t nearly as fussy as their other herbaceous counterparts. Best of all, they’ll brighten your day.

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    A lot of us love to have plants and flowers around the house. Even fresh herbs in a jar on the kitchen bench can seem to imbue the room with something a little special. On the other hand, there’s nothing sadder than a thirsty, wilted rose trying in vain to not wither up and die under the iron fist of your own neglect. Disastrous!


    We get it, it’s not your fault! My Nan dedicates most of her day to tending her garden, and still can’t get her bromeliads to thrive. If she struggles with this, what hope do the rest of us have? Enter the house plant. Water saving succulents and ferns are super low maintenance, and are virtually unkillable! All they need is a spot by a window so they get some natural light, and you can have your very own slice of nature inside. Here are some of our favourites…


    Left to right: Pincushion cactus, Haworthia, Snake Plant, Boston Fern

    1. Pincushion cactus
      This common small cactus is a trooper, thriving under even the least green of thumbs. Unlike some succulents, the pincushion cactus is also very cold resistant, so it’s perfect to be left inside a shady city apartment, or survive the winter.
    2. Haworthia
      Similar to aloe vera, this little beauty can grow as a solitary rosette or as a clump forming mass (if you’ve got the room). They also produce flowers, so they’re the perfect hardy pop of colour!
    3. Snake Plant
      The Snake Plant is an evergreen and grows quite high, so it’s great to sit in a corner on the floor and really fill up a space with calming green. During winter the plant only needs watering every couple of months, so take care not to over water it!
    4. Boston Fern
      This native tropical fern suited to humid climates is a very popular house plant – we love to see them hanging in a retro 70s basket. Fond of a moist climate and damp but not soggy soil, when placed in a kitchen it will love the rising clouds of steam from your pasta! It’s also non-toxic and safe for pets.



    [title maintitle=”” subtitle=”Why keep a house plant?”]

    Not only do house plants look lovely, there’s also a wealth of research to demonstrate that keeping plants in one’s environment can be beneficial to your health. Having plants in your environment can

    • Improve memory performance and attention span by up to 20%.
    • Create a calming influence that encourages positivity.
    • Reduce depression by creating feelings of security, relaxation and happiness.
    • Provide visual stimulation which can improve creativity and productive thinking.


    So, what are you waiting for? Pop down to your local nursery and start brightening up your place and your face with a cheery, low maintenance indoor house plant.


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