Spot the herby faker! Fresh herbs for the win

June 5, 2015
by hellofreshau Our Cooking tools

    A lot of people tend to use dried herbs over fresh these days. And we understand why: convenience, convenience, convenience. But we’re hoping to change all that by including only the freshest of herbs in the right amounts in our weekly boxes – no more wasted freshness here!

    For a bit of fun, we’re going to put your herby knowledge to the test. Before scrolling down through the rest of this post, have a look at the image below and try to guess each of our herby friends.


    Let’s see how many you got right! Drum roll please….


    First up we have….. rosemary! This popular and calming herb is an absolute must with anything roasted – lamb and potatoes are our personal favourites.

    Did you guess coriander next? Then we are happy to say that you are 100% correct! This beautiful green is really versatile and has found its way into a number of different cuisines – from Mexican to South Eat Asian. You may also hear this one called cilantro, but don’t get confused as they’re one and the same.


    Third up with have another herby superstar – oregano! This poor guy is victim to becoming dried more than most. It is an absolute classic in Italian cuisine and will never be far from hand in any Italian household.

    Next up we have sassy sage. Just kidding, sage isn’t sassy at all – it is actually quite gentle and soft in flavour. It has also been proved to increase concentration – so throw it in some tea next time you’re undertaking a long task!

    And our lucky last herby friend isn’t a herb at all! Eucalyptus round leaves are great for herbal remedies but aren’t herbs themselves – gotchya!


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