Supplier Spotlight: Fishermen’s Wharf Seafoods

June 24, 2015
by hellofreshau Get To Know Us

    Fishermen’s Wharf Seafoods is a multi-award winning seafood establishment nestled on the waterfront at Port Stephens, NSW, and is supplying us with top-notch seafood this week!

    At HelloFresh, we’ve chosen this supplier as they are committed to sourcing the best quality sustainable seafood. Their staff have the local knowledge and experience to help us make the best choice for our customers – they always know where and how our seafood is caught or farmed and what impact this has upon the marine environment. The freshness and quality of the produce is second to none!

    You will get hooked this week on our new premium seafood marinara mix as we bring the bounty of the sea straight to your door. Check out the recipe here!

    Fishermen’s Wharf Spaghetti Marinara ››

    Fishermen’s Wharf Spaghetti Marinara ››

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